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Tyler Christopher Speaks to Maurice Benard About Alcohol Abuse And GH And Days Exits: "It Crushed Me"

Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher

Actor Tyler Christopher sat down with former General Hospital co-star Maurice Benard (Sonny) in the latest episode of his State of Mind series to open up about his alcoholism and more.

Christopher, who originated the roles of Nikolas Cassadine on GH and Stefan DiMera on Days of Our Lives, revealed how he started abusing alcohol when he was nine years old. Someone at school told him that drinking common food extracts like vanilla, lemon, and orange would make him "get funny, silly." Alcohol is also found inside the extracts. Christopher said once he started drinking it, he never stopped abusing alcohol. 

Christopher also explained how he was a functioning addict and eventually it caught up with him. He revealed how he flatlined due to his alcohol abuse. Christopher stated:

I’m saying it here for the first time. Three times I have flatlined, and they brought me back. Twice from [alcohol] poisoning, once from withdrawal.

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Christopher discussed how his drinking was the reason he was let go from both GH and DAYS and remarked:

It crushed me, because I took for granted the one thing I love the most. It was devastating for a myriad of reasons. One, the thing that I love the most was taken away, two,  I threw it away. Nobody took it away from me. I dropped it, OK? Having to walk out the doors under those circumstances? That was like, ‘This is for real, dude.’ And I haven’t been back since. That ship has sailed. For now, that ship has sailed.

Now sober, Christopher maintains the responsibility is all on him for his drinking. He's also getting back into acting and writing a book about his life. 

Watch Christopher discuss his battle with alcohol, his time being homeless, and what's next for him below.