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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy Overhears What Thomas is Hiding From Ridge

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap For March 29, 2022
Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Sheila's: Steffy wants to know why Sheila was talking to her brother. Sheila thinks Steffy's being dramatic. She turns it around and asks Steffy to be more open to the changes in her, like Taylor.

Steffy doesn't understand how Thomas fits in. Sheila says she used Thomas to get through to Steffy. Sheila claims she loves her family oh so much. She tells Steffy she will earn her place in their lives. Steffy says that will never happen and to go back to Genoa City. Steffy walks out. Sheila takes a deep breath and tries to defuse herself.

Forrester Creations: Ridge questions Thomas' cryptic comment. Thomas says he just wants him to be happy. Taylor comes in and Ridge leaves. Taylor tells him someone else wants them together outside of the family...Sheila. She explains how Sheila's trying to connect with the family, which concerns Thomas.

Taylor explains how she finds Sheila a fascinating case study. She loves watching her wheels turning all the time, trying to weigh good versus evil. Taylor tells Thomas she told Sheila they will stand behind Brooke over her.

Brooke's: Eric explains the past can't be changed, but she can influence events in the future. All it takes is one person to fight for a relationship. Brooke tells him she will fight, but thinks there are outside forces at work.

In the other Forrester office: Ridge recalls his encounters with Brooke and Taylor when Brooke walks in. Ridge says he wants her to be okay and Brooke wants THEM to be okay. She tells him to come home where he belongs so they can work it out.

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Back in the CEO's office: Sheila calls Thomas. He's telling her he doesn't feel right about covering up her scheme. Steffy approaches the door and overhears Thomas talking to Sheila about what happened on New Year's Eve. He realizes it was a strategy to get closer to Steffy's family.

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Random Thoughts:

-Taylor used the phrase parent trap when talking to Thomas. We feel seen.

-Look at Taylor wearing a teddy and a blazer. Nice.

-Sheila gives good creep vibes, especially when she tells someone she loves them.

-Oh, Brooke...please get that divorce.

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