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Days of Our Lives Recap: Leo Turns The Tables on His Conspirators in Front of Craig

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 29, 2022
Leo Stark, Days of Our Lives

Greg Rikaart

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton Square: Gwen's hesitant to go with Xander to see Dr. Rolf. Xander points out she'd be the Horton hero if she got the formula from Dr. Rolf. Gwen's worried that he and Sarah will reunite. Xander tries to ease her concerns and says he loves her. Xander agrees to go to Statesville alone.

Kirakis mansion: Maggie assures Tony that she can handle Victor's response to this situation. Anna enters and says she wants her husband home, but "Renée" tells her their relationship is over. She and Tony are having a reunion...tonight. Maggie hustles Sarah out of the room. 

Tony wants to know what Anna's doing. She admits she thought about it and realizes it's unfair. Tony pleads with Anna to be rational, but Anna refuses to be passive and polite. Tony gets angry. He tells Anna to trust him and go home.

When Tony's alone with "Renée" she makes her move. Tony explains that he asked Maggie for separate bedrooms because he's still married. "Renée" doesn't care, but eventually agrees.

Salem Inn: Craig walks in as Leo's about to kiss Chad and wants to know what's going on. Chad apologizes and thinks Craig must be so hurt to find out his boyfriend is a cheat. 

Leo reveals that he texted Craig from the bathroom. He told him to come home quickly because he had a surprise for him. He tells Chad he'd never have sex with another man if Craig wasn't involved. Leo explains everything that happened with Chad.

Chad scrambles to come up with excuses to scurry away, but Leo calls out the plan to take him down. Craig wonders why Chad's doing all this and he explains it's for his friends. When he leaves, Craig tries to call Chloe, but Leo disconnects it.

DiMera mansion: Chloe feels guilty, but says she's doing the right thing for her father. She tells Abigail that Craig took over Kayla's job and thinks Leo pushed him into it. Chloe and Brady leave.

Anna returns and tells Abigail about the frustration she's feeling about Tony and "Renée". Anna tells her a bit about her history with Renée.

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Black's: Brady and Chloe kiss and decide it's time to get physical.

The Final Yards:

-Xander is happy that Chad will help with Dr. Rolf. Gwen agrees to help if they can't get through to him.

-Chad texts Brady and Chloe to tell them what happened with Leo, then heads home to Abigail.

-Craig has a solution to prove their love is real. He proposes to Leo.

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Random Thoughts:

-Say what you will about the story, but Billy Flynn is a good sport.

-I hoped Leo knew that Chadwick was setting him up. There's no way Leo could be out-conned by Chadwick.

-Leo said that Abigail "chewed the scenery" when she begged him not to sleep with Chad. HAHAHA!

-Leann Hunley is amazeballs.

-Salem 101: Brady, Sonny, and/or Will should never be allowed to make a plan.

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