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Perkie's Observations: Ava Turns to Sonny For Help With Trina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 29, 2022
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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura notices that Spencer is distracted, but before he can explain about Esme, Victor drops in to give Spencer a hug. Victor says they need to discuss family business. Laura gets a call from Jordan and heads out, leaving Victor to question Spencer about Esme. Spencer says he can't trust her and they're done.

Victor questions Esme's loyalty and Spencer says she hurt his friends by pinning the blame on someone else for something he knows she did. Victor wants to know what kind of hold Esme has, so Spencer tells him about the possible pregnancy. Victor says he can't be sure that he's the father, but Spencer feels responsible. Victor says they can pay her off or give the baby to better parents. He says he can work it so as not to tie Spencer down. Victor tells Spencer about Trina's arrest.

Esme's thrilled to see the headline that Trina was arrested. Nikolas checks in with her about staying at Kelly's. Esme complains about not having access to her trust fund, but is thankful for Nikolas' kindness.

Nikolas says he doesn't trust her because she went after Ava. Esme claims she helped Spencer because he was in so much pain. Esme wonders why Nikolas is helping her if he doesn't trust her, then realizes that he's doing it to keep an eye on her. Nikolas asks if she really cares about Spencer and she swears she does. Esme lays it on thick that everyone hates her, including Sonny. Esme shows Nikolas the arrest report and he wonders if Trina is out of Spencer's life and if it means they're back together.

Sonny interrupts Carly and Ava's discussion about Avery's schedule to let Ava know that Trina was arrested. Both women are shocked and believe Trina was set up by Esme. Ava's determined to make someone pay for this.

Sonny's upset with Carly for not telling him about Josslyn's problems. He says he sees Josslyn as his daughter and is determined to make whoever did this pay. Carly says they need to prove Esme did it. Carly says she will make her pay. Carly tells him that Josslyn asked for Sonny not to be involved. Sonny says he'll take care of it.

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Jordan explains to Trina that she'll be taken to the courthouse to put in her plea. Trina says she'll be pleading not guilty because she didn't' do it. Jordan asks for an explanation about the phone as Ava storms in to defend Trina. Ava promises to get her out and help clear her name. Trina explains to Ava about finding the second phone in her purse and Ava knows it was Esme. Ava promises to do everything in her power to help Trina out of this.

Sam is surprised to see Harmony at her mother's house. Alexis explains that Harmony is staying for a while, which does not sit well with Sam. Alexis says she's just helping Harmony out, but Sam thinks Harmony is working her. Alexis says Harmony is a friend.

After Sam leaves, Alexis wonders how Harmony knows her way around the house. Harmony admits she's been there before. She claims that she stopped by once when Shiloh wanted to recruit Kristina. (We get a flashback of August 2020 when Harmony let herself into the house and shot up Neil with the syringe.)

Sam and Carly talk about Jason's memorial and how they need to move on. Sam says she found the strength to move on from Jason. Now, Carly can do the same and move on from Sonny.

Laura gets to the station. Jordan brings up Spencer as he arrives to see Trina. Trina says the evidence was planted, but Spencer questions why she did it.

Ava heads to Sonny's and tells him that Trina isn't guilty and it was Esme. She says she wants justice and wants to know what Sonny's going to do about it. He promises to her that he's on it.

Sonny's minion picks up Esme and deposits her in his office. 

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