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Days of Our Lives Recap: Nancy Vows to Drag Craig Through the Mud to Save Marlena's Job

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 30, 2022
Nancy Wesley, Days of Our Lives

Patrika Darbo

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Ben and Ciara's: EJ calls Clyde after he found a threatening note. He reminds him he promised to stay quiet. If Clyde doesn't get Orpheus and his dogs off his tail, he will get dogs of his own.

University Hospital: TR approaches Lani. She's wary when he starts talking up HIS grandchildren. He tells Lani he's been praying for Eli and Lani says she's trying to accept his sincerity. They hug it out.

Craig fires Marlena. She's not pleased with Craig and has no trouble letting him know what she thinks of him.

Nancy comes to Marlena's office for therapy. Craig tells her that he's chief of staff and engaged to Leo. Nancy's not in an understanding mood. She asks him to leave so she can talk to Marlena. Marlena tells Nancy that she was fired by the board via Craig. Nancy threatens to make her divorce to Craig a hot mess if Marlena can't keep her job.

Black's: Brady and Chloe wake up together with no regrets. Suddenly, Leo enters their boudoir. Brady tells Leo his relationship with Chloe is none of his business. Leo echos that sentiment for him and Craig.

Brady says Leo covered his ass by texting Craig after he jumped into bed with Chad. Brady and Chloe want him to leave, NOW. Leo lets it drop they will be family soon. Chloe accuses him of railroading her father into marriage, but he tells her it was all Craig. Leo wonders how long it will be before Chloe will call him daddy. He offers to bury the hatchet for Craig's sake as he walks out the door.

Brady Pub: Roman approaches Ben and Clyde's table. Clyde says he's a free man no thanks to him. Ben intervenes and reminds his father that Roman was doing his job. Ben points out to Roman that Clyde paid his debt and after breakfast, he will be searching for a job.

Clyde asks Roman what the chances are that he will hire him as his short order cook. Roman hedges, but Clyde accuses the law order types of really not embracing rehabilitation. Roman asks to talk to Ben alone and he explains what happened with Clyde's release. Roman leaves to make a phone call.

Horton Square: Kate meets with Belle and asks her for the details of her severance package. Belle goes onto her computer and finds a folder with files she's never seen before. She realizes she did something horrible.

Statesville: Chad visits EJ and tells him he's there to see Dr. Rolf. Belle busts in with news that the "paper trail" on her computer proves that EJ was framed. Belle says she must have done it when she was the Devil.

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The Final Yards:

-Leo tells Craig that he told Chloe about their engagement. Craig tells Leo about his hitch with the divorce.

-Chad apologizes to EJ for what he went through. They shake hands and he leaves.

-EJ assures Belle it was the Devil and not her. She says a third party will handle his appeal. They hug.

-Chad updates Kate on EJ and Belle.

-Roman offers Clyde the job, but warns him he has close ties with the warden. Enter Kate.

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Random Thoughts:

-Leo and Craig dumping their engagement news was a bit humorous considering how everyone is trying to derail them.

-If TR killed Frank, where's his new supply of heroin coming from?

-Points to Nancy for making Craig's life messier than it already is.

-Hmm...Belle and EJ.

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