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Perkie's Observations: Victor Challenges Sonny's Power on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 30, 2022
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Victor Cassadine, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

On today's General Hospital recap: Chase stops by the station to talk to Dante about the softball team, though his suspension is not up for another month. The two discuss Brook Lynn and Chase is quick to defend her to Dante. Dante reminds Chase that he said he couldn't trust Brooke Lynn. Chase says he was by Brook Lynn's side through all the bad mouthing of her and she kept protecting Bailey. Dante thinks Chase has feelings for Brook Lynn, but he tells Dante to give her more credit.

Deception is ready to go public and the women celebrate. The two discuss the IPO party and Lucy wants Chase to sing. Brook Lynn says she can't ask Chase for another favor. Alone, Maxie asks about Brook Lynn's feelings and she says Chase just wants to be friends.

Chase shows up at Deception and Brook Lynn asks if he'd be willing to sing for the launch party. Chase says he's not a performer and only sings for charity. He thinks it would affect his image as his suspension is coming to an end. Brook Lynn feels that he doesn't fit into her world.

Gladys is thrilled to see that Sasha and Brando are back in town from their honeymoon. Alone, Gladys questions Sasha about getting married in the moment and how they didn't think it through. Sasha says she loves Brando and is certain they made the right decision. She promises that she'll make Brando happy.

Lucy and Maxie congratulate Sasha, and Lucy begins to make plans to have a large party to celebrate their wedding. Sasha gets overwhelmed and when she sees the cover of a Deception magazine from her pregnancy, she calls her dealer looking to score.

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Previous General Hospital (GH) Recap: Ava Turns to Sonny For Help With Trina

Scotty is hired to be Trina's lawyer, and meets with Portia and Curtis. Portia swears that Trina didn't do what she's accused of and Scotty believes it. Scotty says Trina's character will help their case .

Trina tells Spencer she's not capable of this, but he says the evidence points to her. Trina says Esme set her up, but Spencer refuses to believe her. Trina says she would never intentionally hurt anyone, unlike Esme. Trina tears a strip off of Spencer and wonders if she was wrong about him. She says he's blind to Esme, but Spencer says Esme has done everything for him and his family. Spencer tells Trina that Esme might be pregnant. Trina says her life has gotten worse since she met him and screams at him to leave.

When Portia gets to the station, she goes off on Spencer, and Dante intervenes. Portia tells Trina that Scotty believes in her case and to keep her head held high. Portia promises that the truth will come out.

Nikolas is worried that Esme took off and doesn't understand why she was upset. Victor tells him she could be pregnant. The baby will be a Cassadine and will need their support. The two find Esme's phone outside and Nikolas figures Sonny has her.

Sonny wants to chat with Esme about what she did to Josslyn and how she'll make it right. Esme says Trina was arrested, but Sonny doesn't believe it. Esme swears she wouldn't hurt Josslyn and begs him to believe her. Sonny wants the truth and wonders why he thinks the worst of her. Sonny says she's lied to him before, but Esme says it was a misunderstanding. Esme says she apologized to him for what she and Spencer did to Ava and Avery. Sonny says she hurt his family and tells her to admit it. Esme swears she didn't do it, but Sonny doesn't believe her and tells her to make it right and confess.

Nikolas and Victor arrive. Esme runs out, crying into Nikolas' arms and he takes her away. Victor warns Sonny to stay away from his family. Sonny reminds him that Spencer is also his family and it concerns him too. Victor says the Cassadines always come out on top and Sonny will learn that the hard way. Sonny says he's faced worse than Victor and won. He's ready for what Victor is dishing out. 

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