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The Young and the Restless Recap: Jack is Stunned When He Comes Face to Face With Diane

The Young and the Restless Recap for March 30, 2022
Jack Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Peter Bergman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Ashley/Abby/Chance: Ashley's concerned when Chance says he wants to go back to work. Chance says it's therapist-approved. Abby and Ashley head out for a spa day to gossip about Jack.

Allie/Jack: A nervous Allie shows up for her coffee date with Jack. Allie tells Jack she sold the house and is keeping busy studying chemical engineering. When Jack shares a story about Keemo and Ashley, she tells him she's not looking for a job or anything else from him.

Allie and Jack talk about Keemo and his letters. Jack claims he regrets waiting too long to reach out and didn't know Keemo had a change of heart. He admits it helps him to know that Keemo lives on in her.

Jack tries to relate to Allie by talking about the loss of his mother. She gets defensive and says that Jack had his mother for a longer time, so he backs off. Allie offers to get together before he leaves town.

The Tackhouse: Nekkid Noah wakes up to a note left by his most recent hook up. He does a quick dress and heads for the lights.

Crimson Lights: Sharon tells Rey she's trying to keep out of Noah's business, but she's aware of his late nights and odd work hours. Rey reminds her he's a young man, but Sharon doesn't want him to use partying as an excuse for easing his heartache.

Noah lies that he had a productive morning at work. Sharon wants to know what's really going on, but he changes the subject. Noah spots Mariah and Tessa. He brings them pastry and art for their wedding.

Later, Tessa pushes Noah for personal details and won't take no for an answer. He admits he doesn't know what's going on with him or what he's even doing.

The Grand Phoenix: Ashley tells Phyllis she has concerns about Allie. She finds Allie's appearance suspicious and says she doesn't want to see Jack get hurt. She asks Phyllis why she supports Jack moving forward with Allie.

Phyllis tells Ashley to back off because she doesn't have all the facts. She says that she can spot a schemer a mile away and Allie doesn't throw that vibe. Abby intervenes to break them up.

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Chance/Rey: Chance tells Rey he wants to come back to work and his therapist thinks it's a good idea. Rey's concerned that another incident will set him back, but Chance guarantees it won't happen again. Chance explains he wants to ease back in and make Rey feel comfortable.

Back at the Chancellor's: Abby tells Ashley she's on Phyllis' side and to trust Jack. Ashley has a bad feeling there's trouble ahead.

Chance tells Abby he's going back to work in the morning.

Back in LA: Allie stops at the house with a gift for Diane. When Diane questions her, Allie admits she's curious to know more about her granddaddy Jack. Diane wants to ask Allie a favor.

Jack returns to the house. Allie tells Jack the new homeowner wants to meet him. Diane appears and Jack can't believe his eyes.

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Random Thoughts:

-Is Noah banging randoms in his mama's house?

-Allie's mask slipped a Ashley right about her?

-So nice to see Ashley...and Diane!

-Can at least one Newman or Abbott text Abby some family updates? Lordt!

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.