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Days of Our Lives Recap: Abe Warns Paulina Not to Let TR Infiltrate Their Family

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 31, 2022
Abe Carver, Days of Our Lives

James Reynolds

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Salem PD: Rafe wants to go over Beth's statement. Beth changed it to say TR was not abusive and is still drug-free. Rafe verifies the information and she signs it.

Eli's room: Abe comes to comfort Lani. Lani takes Valerie's departure as a sign that she didn't think Eli was going to wake up anytime soon. She's torn between caring for the twins and staying at the hospital.

Rafe pops in for a visit. He vows to get to the bottom of Eli's shooting and thinks there's more to the story (he's so wise). He and Lani float some theories.

Grant's: TR comes to help Paulina with the twins. When they get the babies settled down, there's a knock at the door. It's Abe and he's not thrilled to see TR. When alone, Abe tells Paulina that having TR there is a big mistake. Paulina says it's none of his business.

Abe tells TR he doesn't want him around anyone in his family. TR claims he's trying to prove himself and assures them they have nothing to fear. Paulina says she's okay and Abe leaves. TR tells Paulina he's not giving up on being with her. Paulina's still fully doesn't trust him.

Horton Square: Johnny taunts Tripp about Allie and Chanel. Tripp tells Johnny what he thinks of him. Johnny informs him that Allie and Chanel are now a couple. Tripp processes it and walks away angry.

Nicole's: Nicole walks in on Allie and Chanel sharing a kiss. Chanel leaves and Nicole wonders if Allie's moving too fast. Allie explains her journey to Nicole and realizes she needs to tell Tripp what's going on.

University Hospital: Chanel admits to Tripp that she and Allie didn't know they would end up together, but didn't want him to find out this way. Tripp gets snarky and accuses her of wanting Allie the whole time. He doesn't believe anything Chanel says and walks away.

DiMera mansion: Beth drops over to meet Johnny to let him know she's playing Celeste. She's looking for input on the character, but Johnny says he has the final say on casting, not TR. When Johnny accuses her of sleeping with TR to get the role, Beth says she only agreed to keep quiet about his past. Johnny wants to know, but Beth says it's not important. She tells Johnny she can't lose this role.

The Beginning of The End:

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-Johnny tells Beth he's looking forward to working with her.

-Tripp checks on Eli and tells Lani to remember to take care of herself.

-Chanel calls Allie. She tells Allie that Johnny spilled the beans to Tripp.

-Nicole sympathizes with Abe and his problems with TR. Abe admits he just doesn't trust him.

-Rafe's looking for Abe and meets TR. He tells Paulina that Frank only sold drugs, but never used them.

-JoDevil is bragging to Stefano when Allie comes up behind him. She says he knows what he did and demands that he turn around to face her.

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Random Thoughts: 

-Damn...Rafe's back in and Shawn is out? Sorry Rafe, that's Shawn's office now.

-Tripp is like Abby on Y&R...he doesn't know what's happening right in front of him and is the last to find out. I'd be okay with him turning a bit darker.

-Beth better harness Celeste's powers.

-Always like seeing Abe and Nicole.

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