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General Hospital's Amanda Setton: "This Whole Mother Storyline Has Completely Changed Brook Lynn"

Brook Lynn Ashton, General Hospital

General Hospital's Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) has undergone quite an evolution while playing mama to Bailey Louise. Now, she's given up the little girl to her birth mom, but BLQ is a whole new woman. Setton talked with Soap Opera Digest about her character's hard edges softening. 

One way that Brook Lynn has tried to distract herself from losing Bailey and falling for Chase (Josh Swickard) is by diving into her work at Deception. Setton said:

It’s really all she has. She’s not in the beach house anymore, and she’s without Chase and Bailey. So, her job is her world.

Brook Lynn Quartermaine, Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Amanda Setton, Kirsten Storms

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BLQ's time as a parent has also become closer to her own dad and stepmom. Setton revealed:

I love Lisa [LoCicero, Olivia] to death — love her, respect her. She is a beautiful, exquisite force on screen and I just adore her and love working with her, and have from literally the moment I set foot on the show. I think that now, Brook Lynn connects to her as a mother. This whole mother storyline has completely changed Brook Lynn. I think she is now being viewed in a different way by others and she has gotten to see herself in a different light. It’s softened her. I think as a result, Olivia has come to see Brook Lynn as this maternal figure, in a light I don’t think she ever expected, and I think also, Brook Lynn and her father are so close, and to see him so happy with her and knowing that they’re in a good place genuinely brings Brook Lynn so much joy and peace. But Brook Lynn is still a spitfire! She’s still feisty.

Leo Falconeri, Brook Lynn Quartermaine, Gladys Corbin, General Hospital

Easton Rocket Sweda, Amanda Setton, Bonnie Borroughs

Brook Lynn is also super-protective of her stepbrother. Setton said:

I love Easton [Rocket Sweda, Leo]! He’s such a sweetheart. He has such an amazing energy. We have a lot of fun together and I do agree that she felt this deep sense of wanting to protect her little stepbrother from Austin [Roger Howarth] and all of that. I do think we’ve gotten to see some elements of, she does have a soul! Brook Lynn does have a heart, she does care. I think bringing children into her world has allowed the audience to see that, and for me to get to play that, as well.