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Jerry Springer Opens Up About Judge Jerry Cancellation and Daytime Departure

For the first time in nearly three decades, Jerry Springer won't be appearing live on our TVs each day. With the cancellation of his courtroom show Judge Jerry and The Jerry Springer Show repeats airing in syndication, Springer is taking time away from daytime. 

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The former Cincinnati mayor told The New York Post:

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It would be embarrassing for me to say, ‘Why can’t I do another year or two?’ I’ll see how much I adjust [to retirement] and, if not, I’ll do other projects … I keep getting calls, ‘Would you consider doing this?’ But, right now, I’m really take a time out for the next month.

Springer won't be idle by any means, as he continues with his podcast, newspaper columns, and contributions to a new Piers Morgan project. But he's also taking time to spend with his family in Florida. 

Looking back at Judge Jerry, he mused:

The first year was wonderful, and the last two years, when the pandemic hit and we weren’t allowed to have an audience and couldn’t have the plaintiff and defendant in the courtroom … we were trying to force something that didn’t naturally flow,” he said. “I was talking to parties that were thousands of miles away — wherever the suits were filed was where we put the cameras — and you’ve got that delay, no audience and [me] sitting in front of a green screen. It wasn’t what I first imagined.

But also the reality was that I was competing against myself. In most markets they still run ‘The Jerry Springer Show,’ that’s been holding on, and there’s only so much of me that a normal human being can take. It was a containment issue; if I was going to be so crazy on that show, how can I suddenly be serious on the bench?