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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor Pulls a Fast One And Appoints Adam to Run Newman-Locke

The Young and the Restless Recap for March 31, 2022
Victor Newman, The Young and the Restless

Eric Braeden

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Society: Victor treats Lauren and Michael to dinner. Lauren doesn't want Michael to continue to work for Victor, but Michael says it was Ashland who locked him up, not Victor. Lauren's still opposed, but Victor promises he doesn't have to leave town for his next assignment. He wants Michael to find a loophole in Ashland's co-CEO contract. Victor's gone and Lauren's still not happy with Michael for keeping his job.

Nate's surprised Ashland's still in town. Ashland says he's used to living with baseless rumors. He's also sorry he lost Nate's trust and friendship. Nate advises him to do the right thing and tell the Victoria the truth.

Crimson Lights: Billy blabs all of Ashland's lie to Lily. She's angry for those who fought cancer, but Billy says that Victoria's not through with him. Nick and Nikki come in and Billy asks for an update, but the news isn't promising. Lily tells them Victoria is tough and can handle it on her own, and Nikki agrees.

Nikki leaves and Nick takes a seat. Against Nick's better judgement, he thinks Billy may be the one to get through to Victoria. Nick wants him to give it one more try. After Nick leaves, Lily admits she hates the idea.

Newman Media: Sally comes to get more dirt from Adam, but he's unclear on what's happening with Victoria. Adam complains he's the odd man out until Victor needs him. Adam and Sally think through how they can capitalize on Ashland's demise.

Victor pops in to give Adam an update. Adam's not thrilled that Victoria doesn't have a plan and wonders if Victor trusts her to do the right thing. Victor says he will handle things. Victoria calls and summons him and Adam to Newman-Locke.

Newman-Locke: Victoria wants Ashland to make sure the house is secure, then pick up some food at Society for their flight. Victoria promises it will work out and Ashland leaves. 

Nikki and Nick are already at the office when Adam and Victor arrive. Victoria tells them she and Ashland are going to Tuscany. Victoria wants to handle things herself, but Nikki thinks her trip is ill-advised. Victor decides to appoint Adam as her replacement while she's traipsing around Tuscany. Victoria says she will handle things from Tuscany, but that's not what Victor wants.

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Los Angeles: Jack can't believe his eyes. He tells Allie that Diane died, and was buried and mourned. Diane says she needed to escape Genoa City and regroup because she was in such a dark place.

Allie flips out and feels exploited. Jack says that's how Diane is. Jack tells Diane there's no forgiveness or understanding for all the devastation she left behind. She swears she regrets it all and is different. Diane says she gave Allie and Jack the gift of meeting each other.

Allie and Jack return to the coffee shop. Jack explains that Jack was Diane's target, not her. He tells her all about Diane's death and memorial, and the son she left behind. Jack tells Allie that Kyle is their son.

Diane texts Jack to return to the house. He wants to ignore it, but realizes it's too late for that.

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Random Thoughts:

-Jack and Diane....woowee! I had to look...Diane's been gone since 2011...time flies!

-Allie got to see the Jack we haven't seen in a very long time.

-It amuses me that Victor always heads for the big chair at Newman Media and Newman-Locke.

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