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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Finn Dies Protecting Steffy From Sheila’s Gunshot

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap For April 1, 2022
Dr. John Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Tanner Novlan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Ridge/Taylor: Taylor hopes Ridge isn’t letting the kids sway his decisions. They are just trying to “right the wrongs of the past.”

Taylor waxes poetic about Steffy and all her accomplishments. Not only that, she found Finn. Ridge echos the sentiments and says Finn is perfect…accept for his mother. Taylor kind of defends Sheila and hopes that she could possibly change. Ridge says that Sheila is mean and nasty. Taylor explains she thinks Sheila might be absolving her guilt and maybe wants to change. She believes that people can change…even Sheila.

Ridge warns her to be very careful. Taylor reminds him that she knows very well what Sheila is capable of. She is on high alert. They go on to praise Steffy some more. They think her future is so bright and can’t wait to see what she does next.

The back alley: Steffy wants Sheila to let go of her. Sheila once again reminds Steffy who is in charge and disavows her of the notion she has any say in any of this. Sheila releases Steffy and tries to plead her case yet again.

Steffy brutally rebuffs her and says there will be no love coming Sheila’s way - at least not from Steffy and her brood. She goes on to tell Sheila that Finn has already been let in on what she did to Brooke. Sheila says she will explain it to him, and besides, doesn’t Steffy want her family to be together?

Steffy comes back and says she should be thanking Brooke for standing up to Sheila. Sheila get icily silent and says, “No one is ever going to keep me away from Finn and Hayes. Not even you, Steffy.”

Steffy looks shook. However, she just can’t keep her mouth shut. She reminds Sheila that when it’s all said and done, she will make Finn hate her has much as she does. Sheila doesn’t understand why Steffy always has to work against her.

Hospital: Finn is at work and wonders why Steffy hasn’t texted him back. She checks her location and wonders why she is at Il Giardino. He grabs a nurse and says he’ll be back. He gets in his car and heads to the restaurant whilst having memories of Steffy ratting out Sheila…and he hits the accelerator.

Back in the back alley: Steffy says Sheila will never change. Sheila says she will stop Steffy no matter what it takes. Steffy says she will never see Finn or Sheila again.

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The words echo in Sheila’s head and things begin to move in slow motion as SHEILA REACHES FOR A GUN! Just then, Finn arrives, sees the gun, and moves in front of Steffy.

Sheila fires the gun. Finn is HIT! He falls to the ground and Steffy looks horrified. Sheila screams, “NO!” Steffy falls to the ground.

Finn wakes up and wonders what happened. He tells Steffy he loves her and she loves him. He tells her to make sure Hayes knows he loves him…then he dies.

Steffy embraces him, devastated. Sheila is in tears as Steffy looks at her and says, “You killed you’re only son!” Sheila says she didn’t know he was there. Steffy grabs her phone and says Sheila will pay. As she dials 911 (which took a very long time), Sheila points the gun at Steffy and demands she put the phone down.

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Random Thoughts:

-Krista Allen and Thorsten Kaye continue to have a lovely chemistry.

-Did anyone else have that soap opera moment where you realize it’s never a good thing when someone is in their car?

-Kimberlin Brown plays Sheila’s icy calm in a way that still sends chills through me.

-I’ve never really loved Steffy and Finn, but even I couldn’t help but tear up when Finn was breathing his last and Steffy was desperately trying to hold on to him.

-Sheila going from devastated mother to self-protection mode was soooo good.


What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.