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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila Reminds Steffy That She is SHEILA. FREAKING. CARTER!

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap For March 31, 2022
Sheila Carter, Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Bridget Returns!: Brooke reminds her daughter and son in law that Ridge may never get over her betrayal from New Year’s Eve. Hope thinks Brooke has to forgive herself and move on. Brooke thinks Ridge feels safer with Taylor. Hope reminds her she is still married to Ridge.

The phone rings. It's Bridget saying she is back in Los Angeles working at University Hospital. They will see each other soon. Hope is THRILLED that Bridget is back - to hell with Thomas and Steffy. Brooke thinks there is an outside force working against her DESTINY.

No More Parent Trap: Taylor knows how much her reconciliation with Ridge means to him and his sister. Meanwhile, Ridge is listening outside the door of the communal office. Ridge enters the room as if he has no clue what is going on. He enters and says he’s glad they are still around. Thomas says he’s about to leave, but Ridge says he is referring to “the pretty one.” Taylor retorts, “Ahhh, you are talking about Thomas!” They giggle and Taylor says she’s about to leave, but wonders whether or not Ridge wants to get back together with her. She doesn’t wait for him to answer and wonders aloud if he is feeling pressure from her…OR THE KIDS. Taylor makes Thomas promise that he won’t interfere with Ridge’s marriage to Brooke - no more parent trap.

It’s The Final Countdown: Steffy and Sheila continue to fight. Sheila reminds Steffy that Brooke is the one who hasn’t changed. She is still a ho. Steffy violently responds that Sheila is the one who hasn’t changed and she will never be a part of Finn’s nor her grandchild’s life. Sheila scoffs, but Steffy is unwilling to listen because she knows she is responsible for Brooke’s downfall. Sheila denies that she had anything to do with Brooke’s issues, but Steffy VERY LOUDLY tells Sheila that she knows she is responsible. Sheila offers her own VERY LOUD retort and says that Steffy should be grateful for what she did to Brooke. Steffy should be DOWN ON HER KNEES thanking Sheila ANNNNND her place in Finn’s life shouldn’t be questioned but SOLIDIFIED because of her actions. Sheila gets REALLY close to her face and says, “You’re welcome.”

Steffy wonders why Sheila thinks she should thank her. Sheila retorts that her family was sitting around wondering whether or not their father would waste his life on a “drunken slut.” Steffy corrects her by saying Brooke is an alcoholic trying to maintain her sobriety. Sheila reminds Steffy once again that she has allowed her family to be reunited. She cares because Sheila is her family too. Sheila knows that one day Steffy will be able to accept her he way Taylor has. Steffy is done and says she is putting an end to her rein of terror. Steffy doesn’t want to see Shelia’s face EVER AGAIN. She’s going to tell Taylor EVERYTHING. Sheila continues to try and reason with Steffy. She says she exposed Brooke. Steffy says she actually exposed herself and she will never have a relationship with Finn. Sheila tells Steffy to KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT.

Steffy says Sheila will never be a part of their lives. Sheila grabs Steffy by the collar and pushes her against the trash can (yes, that’s what I typed). 

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Random Thoughts:

- Bridget returns…I wonder why?

- When Taylor said, “No more parent trap,” I screamed! 

- Dear Steffy, it’s a little late to defend Brooke and her alcoholism.

- When Sheila told Steffy she wanted to “love her,” I shivered. 

- Sheila is FINALLY Sheila-ing!

- Is Sheila going to trap Steffy in that garbage can like Oscar the Grouch???

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.