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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava And Jake Commiserate About Lost Loves And Decide to Cohabitate

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 1, 2022
Ava Vitali, Days of Our Lives

Tamara Braun

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Eli's room: Chanel and Lani talk about how Paulina is taking care of her. Lani is surprised when Chanel tells her about her new relationship with Allie. 

DiMera mansion: JoDevil refuses to face Allie. She grabs him by the shoulder and he asks her what she wants. Allie's pissed that Johnny told Tripp about her and Chanel. They argue and Allie says she doesn't feel the connection she used to feel with him, and doesn't know why. Johnny Angel yells out from his body that he's there. JoDevil tries to suppress him and gets restless. Allie wonders if he's okay. Johnny yells at her to get out, but Allie refuses. Johnny spins around and yells that he wasn't talking to her.

Grant's: Rey admits that something doesn't seem right about Eli's shooting. Paulina says she has faith in Rafe's abilities to find the truth. Rafe tells TR that Beth wasn't able to help him out either, then leaves. TR wonders why Rafe is poking around when they already have a suspect. He gets a text and tells Paulina he has go put out a fire.

Rafe's: Gabi is trying to apologize to Jake, but he's mad about how she handled everything when she thought he was betraying her. Jake says they can't be fixed. He adds that he's not Stefan and never will be. He's moving back to his apartment over the garage.

Sonny drops by to give Gabi a necklace that Ari made for her. Gabi cracks and tells Sonny everything's messed up, including her relationship with Jake. She admits to Sonny that she may have been waiting for Jake to let her down.

Brady Pub: Nicole and Ava are debating Rafe's case and accusing one another. Nicole wants her to take her anger out in a direct manner, so Ava slaps her. Nicole returns the slap in kind, then Jake intervenes. Nicole tells Ava to back off from her and Rafe.

Ava tells Jake what happened between her and Rafe. Jake asks Ava to swap war stories with him over a drink and a bag of ice. Jake explains how the Devil interfered with his relationship with Gabi. Ava's happy he's away from that snake. Ava hedges when Jake questions her involvement in Rafe's case.

Salem PD: Nicole tells Rafe about her run in with Ava. Rafe mentions he has unanswered questions about Eli's shooting.

Salem Inn: Beth tells TR that she didn't say anything to the police. He warns her she has to stick to the story or they will both be in hot water. Beth lets TR know that she met Johnny, who informed her that he has final say in casting. She lies and says she let Johnny believe she slept with TR to get the part.

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The Beginning of The End:

-Jake offers to let Ava stay with him for the time being.

-TR's finances are tight, so he wants to use Paulina as his personal bank account.

-Paulina tells Lani that both Abe and TR encountered each other. They talk about Abe's reaction to TR. So far, Paulina senses the good in TR that she used to see.

-JoDevil comes out and yells at Allie to leave him alone.

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Random Thoughts:

-Oh Paulina, Rafe has a hard time finding the bathroom unless there's a woman in his bathtub.

-I'm on board with de-Stefaning Jake back to Jake.

-Ava and Jake? Yes please.

-TR and Beth have a very interesting, but clearly dangerous, relationship. I'm intrigued.

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