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General Hospital's Tanisha Harper Previews Jordan's Lingering Feelings For Curtis: "There is Still Hope"

Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Is Jordan (Tanisha Harper) still carrying a torch for her ex on General Hospital? In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, on sale now, Harper chatted about Jordan's new approach to life, how the police commissioner feels towards Curtis (Donnell Turner), and why she's so excited to work with Brook Kerr (Portia).

As Jordan adjusts to being back in town, what's going through her mind? Harper said:

She is ready to get back to work. She feels great. She is putting being in the clinic behind her, because she is so ready to get back to work. That is her focus.

Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Tanisha Harper

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On the home front, Jordan isn't quite over her former husband. Harper dished:

Yeah, she still has her personal struggles with some of her relationships, her exes. She is focused on her work, like I said, but when she sees Curtis and Portia together — in the back of her mind, she thinks maybe there is something left between her and Curtis, some sort of magic between them. She's playing it subtly, from the background, but there is still hope. She still has some hope in her that maybe there could be some rekindling, and there is some tension. At the current moment, he has moved on with Portia, but there may be some disruption going forward.

Harper is thrilled to share scenes with Kerr, whom she used to watch as Whitney on Passions. Harper revealed:

When I was in college, my roommate and I would literally leave class and race home so that we could watch Passions. That was our favorite show. Sometimes we even skipped class to watch it! My roommate and I still call each other Timmy [Josh Ryan Evans] and Tabitha [Juliet Mills], two characters from the show, to this day! And we just loved Brook's character.