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Perkie's Observations: Trina Gets Support at Her Arraignment From Her Friends on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 31, 2022
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Tabyana Ali

On today's General Hospital recap: Sam and Carly run into Nina at yoga class and Maxie thinks they should take a different class. Nina says she won't be scared off by Carly, a sentiment Carly shares with Sam. Carly worries about Josslyn and Sam agrees she's worried about Scout growing up. The two compliment each other on their mothering skills.

Maxie asks about Wiley and Nina says she's trying to avoid the courts. Nina mentions Harmony and Maxie isn't sure it was a good idea to involve her. Nina says the only other choice is to make a legal statement. Nina thinks she should talk to Carly about Wiley, though Maxie warns against it.

Nina asks Carly to work together for Wiley, but Carly refuses. Carly warns her to leave her family alone, but Nina says that Carly won't keep Wiley away from her. Carly claims Nina is playing the victim when she brought this on herself. Nina swears no one will stop her from fighting for Wiley. Carly says it's all about Nina's need to stay connected to Nelle and doesn't care about Wiley.

Esme is grateful that Nikolas saved her from Sonny, while some man in the background seems to be paying her some attention. Spencer says he doesn't condone Sonny's actions and mentions going to the station to see Trina. This sets Esme off, but Spencer calms her down by saying he sided with her against Trina.

Alone, Nikolas tells Spencer to be nicer to Esme since she could be pregnant. Spencer says he's always believed in Esme and doesn't know why he didn't this time. Nikolas says it's because he has feelings for Trina. Nikolas says he's worried about Esme, but Spencer is still not sure if there is a baby.

Esme tells them she's returning to Kelly's, though lays it on thick how worried she is that Sonny will grab her again. Spencer asks his father if the two of them can move back into Wyndemere. Nikolas agrees it's the best thing for both of them.

Josslyn and Cameron discuss their feelings over the release of the article, and how they're living under a microscope. Josslyn feels they took a lot of control back and Cameron says it won't define them forever. Josslyn complains that Esme has framed Trina perfectly and worries how scared Trina must be. Cameron thinks they should go to the arraignment.

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Scotty goes over what will happen during the hearing and Trina says she'll be pleading not guilty. Molly's the second chair under ADA Arden, who's on the case. She shares a moment with Curtis before the hearing. ADA Arden has a deal for Trina. If Trina pleads guilty to the misdemeanor charge of cyber sexual harassment, she'll drop the felony charge of unlawful surveillance. She says they'll recommend three years probation and avoid jail time.

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Scotty tells the DA to shove it, but Molly says it could be worse if Trina is found guilty. Portia says Trina is innocent and shouldn't plead guilty. Scotty asks what Trina wants to do and says he's almost certain the jury would come back with a not guilty verdict.

Trina asks for a moment alone and is chaperoned in the hallway by Officer Rory.

Trina's happy when Josslyn and Cameron arrive to support her. Trina tells them about pleading guilty, but Joss thinks she should fight it. The two say they're willing to testify on her behalf. Judge Young asks Trina how she pleads.

Diane discusses Michael's case and he whines that he was defending his sister when he hit the reporter. Diane argues that Nina would provide a more stable environment since Michael makes a habit of hitting people. Michael says Nina is less than stable and no one has sympathy for her. Diane promises she has a plan to make it all go away.

Harmony apologizes to Alexis for not telling the truth about being in her house before. Alexis warns her she needs to be completely honest going forward. Harmony says she's decided to help Nina, but worries that Willow will hate her.

Harmony meets with Michael and Willow, and asks them about granting Nina informal visitation to prevent trauma to Wiley. Willow and Michael don't understand why Harmony would advocate for Nina. Harmony admits Nina asked for the favor, so they could settle things amongst themselves. Michael and Willow say they can't find an agreement with Nina, and Harmony understands.

Diane talks to Alexis about Mr. Smoltz and how she wants him to drop the charges against Michael. She wonders if Smoltz would want a story in exchange for dropping the charges, but Alexis says she won't be able to convince him of anything.

The man who was paying attention to the Spencer drama shows up at Alexis' office, and she recognizes him as Neil's brother.

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