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Perkie's Observations: Nina Enlists Scotty's Help on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 1, 2022
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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

On today's General Hospital recap: Trina pleads not guilty. The DA asks for $250,000 in bail. Scotty says Trina has ties to the community and should be released without bond. Judge Young agrees that Trina poses no threat and is free to go until her trial. The DA and Molly both tell Scotty they're going to throw the book at Trina, and she should have taken their deal.

Mr. Smoltz is determined to get a statement from Josslyn and Cameron and asks who was responsible for the tape. He wants to know who set up Trina, but Ava warns him off. After he leaves, Ava tells them the truth will come out and Esme will get what's coming to her. Josslyn tells Cameron she's determined to find the proof against Esme.

Once at home, Trina is grateful to Portia and Curtis for standing behind her. Trina's worried about the evidence against her and knows Esme made sure it's there. Trina worries the DA will convince the jury she's guilty. Portia and Curtis reassure her, but when alone, Portia is upset.

Sonny tells Brick about Jason's memorial service and how he needs someone to fill Jason's shoes. Brick accepts a technical position. Sonny says he needs someone to find out who was behind the tape. He tells Brick about Esme, but says he has no proof. Brick asks about Spencer, but Sonny believes he didn't help Esme. Brick agrees to investigate. Brick asks about Nina and Sonny says their connection is real.

Harmony updates Nina on Michael and Willow's lack of interest in her seeing Wiley. Nina decides she's going to give them a fight. Harmony thinks Nina should give them some time, but Nina bad mouths Willow, so Harmony leaves.

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Nina tells Scotty she didn't get anywhere with Willow and asks for his help. Scotty says he'll help her, but only if she'll do everything to fight for Wiley, even if it means kicking Sonny to the curb. Nina says she's going to do what's best for her family and she'll get it all.

Alexis is surprised to see Neil's brother Brendan back in town and she finds out he's been following her progress. Brendan apologizes for being hard on her at Neil's funeral, but Alexis wonders about the attitude adjustment. He turns angry and wants Alexis to cover the funeral costs and blames her for Neil's death. Harmony shows up before things progress further, so Brendan leaves. Alexis explains to Harmony that Brendan accused her of being responsible for Neil's death.

Back at his hotel, Brendan goes through his records and finds a file with Harmony's name on it.

Esme's happy to be back at Wyndemere, but Spencer wonders what Ava will say about their return. Esme and Spencer argue about Trina's trial, and Sonny. When alone, Spencer worries about Ava's reaction since she's on Trina's side, but Nikolas reassures him.

Esme gets an alert that Trina pled guilty and Spencer hopes she can prove it. Esme brings up her possible pregnancy and Spencer questions why she hasn't taken the test yet. Esme says she's scared, but Spencer wonders if she's scared that she isn't pregnant. Esme says she just wants to be with Spencer. She thinks her pregnancy will cause a wedge between Nikolas and Ava.

Ava gets home and is not amused to find Esme in the living room, reading What To Expect When You're Expecting

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