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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jan Summons Belle to Statesville For a Big Announcement

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 4, 2022
Jan Spears, Days of Our Lives

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera mansion: Allie realizes Johnny's possessed when he talks in Devil-speak. JoDevil tells her Belle was never possessed. JoDevil grabs Allie's arm, but she grabs him back and pleads with Johnny Angel to fight the Devil with her.

Chad calls Abigail while Anna lies in bed wallowing about her misfortune in the background. Chad tells Abigail that Dr. Rolf recreated the antidote. She relays the news to Anna, who gives her a big hug.

Abigail comes into the living room and sees Allie. She's facing the other way with a gleam in her eye. She claims she's looking for Johnny, but didn't find him. (Johnny's passed out behind the sofa.) Abigail offers to go look for Johnny. AllDevil wonders what to do about her twin.

Kiriakis mansion: Maggie finds a note Sarah left behind. Anna comes in to tell Tony about Dr. Rolf's antidote, but they tell her they don't know where Sarah is.

"Renée" returns with signed divorce papers. Tony acts thrilled and says Anna also agreed to divorce him so now they can get married. Tony explains she needs a blood test before Marlena can marry them. Maggie says they can do it right away.

Salem Inn: "Renée" brings shirtless Xander divorce papers to sign. Xander tells Sarah he's the one she loves, but "Renée" insists he's Alex Marshall. Gwen comes in and is recognized by "Renée", which confounds Xander. "Renée" sees her as lawyer Gwen Davies and thinks she's in cahoots with Alex. Xander calls Maggie to tell her where Sarah is. Xander signs the papers and sends her back to Tony. After she leaves, Xander tells Gwen about the antidote.

Gwen's upset about Xander being involved with Sarah's problems, but she realizes she's being clingy. Xander feels badly this is causing her pain. He admits he's hurting for Sarah's loss. Despite that, he agrees to marry Gwen if Sarah's treatment doesn't work.

Bistro: Shawn admits it's nice to be back at his own desk and doesn't miss being commissioner. Belle talks about her Devil problems with EJ and how the Devil has been causing all kinds of chaos. She tells Shawn she's glad she got to him before he slept with Jan. Shawn starts to tell her differently, but she gets an urgent text from an inmate and leaves.

University Hospital:  Xander, Maggie, and Anna are waiting for Chad. Maggie wants to know if the antidote safe and Chad tells her it unofficially is because it would take years to vet the drug. Anna doesn't care and wants to do it as soon as possible.

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The Beginning of The End:

-Maggie wants to make sure the drug won't harm Sarah even more before it's injected.

-Gwen's stewing alone with a drink and vows not to lose Xander to Sarah.

-"Renée" comes looking for a nurse to take her blood. Anna takes the syringe from Maggie and jabs "Renée" in the shoulder.

-Belle gets to Statesville and finds Jan waiting for her. Jan stands up and reveals she's pregnant.

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Random Thoughts:

-Did the JoDevil say, "Partying down in Johnny Town?" I can't with that.

-Who is giving "Renée" divorce papers?

-Xander and Gwen were super sudsy today when they were alone.

-Shawn left out a big, juicy detail about bedtime with JaDevil.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!