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Perkie's Observations: Selina Threatens Britt With Her Prison Past on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 4, 2022
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Lydia Look, General Hospital

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava is less than thrilled to find Ms. Thang in her living room and tells Esme to get out before she throws her out. Ava says it's her house and Esme is not welcome, but Esme says she and Spencer are staying, thanks to Nikolas. Esme says she might be pregnant.

Nikolas asks for time alone with Ava, so Spencer tells Esme it's time to take the pregnancy test. Ava complains to Nikolas about Esme, though he points out there is no proof against her. Ava reminds him of the myriad of things they themselves have done without proof. She begs him not to fall for Esme's game, but Nikolas tells her that Sonny grabbed her. Ava admits she was the one who asked Sonny to take care of Esme.

Liz and Finn discuss the sex tape and how Cameron and Josslyn are doing. Finn tells her that he's here for her through it all. Finn mentions his father being in town, but Liz isn't sure she should join them.

Laura stops over to check in with Liz about the tape and  to see how Cameron's doing. Liz doesn't believe that Trina is behind it and Laura says she believes the PCPD will find out who it is. Liz mentions how Jake has been off-kilter lately and keeping things from her.

Liz tells Laura how furious she is with her parents for reaching out to Jake without her knowledge. Laura doesn't understand why Liz's parents don't care about their daughter and offers her a hug. Laura understands Liz's pain, but thinks she should let it go. She thinks it might be time for Liz to let her parents back into their lives for the kids' sake.

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Britt advocates for Brad with Terry as he arrives for his interview. Terry tells him she's still deliberating his employment. Britt drags him out to give him a pep talk as one of Selina's minions shows up.

Britt has no choice but to meet with Selina. Britt thinks the meal is for Selina to get to know her better and tries to defend Brad's choice to work at the hospital. Selina tells her that Britt will listen to her and mentions knowing Faison. Selina says she knows Britt traveled with her father for several years and knows what they were doing. Selina says she has proof that can send Britt back to prison and tells her that she'll keep Brad on the right path.

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Terry tells Brad she doesn't trust him to work in the lab, but can offer him a job as an orderly. Brad wants a second chance and promises to be trustworthy. Terry says she has to check with Lucas to make sure he's not upset by Brad working at the same hospital.

Amy spots Brad outside Terry's office and thinks he's up to nefarious activities. Terry intercedes and after Brad leaves, she warns Amy that she was unprofessional. Amy begs Terry not to give Brad a job.

The Deception women discuss the song for the launch party as Chase shows up. Amy wants them to ask him to be a part of it. Brook Lynn refuses, saying Chase already told her that he wasn't interested.

When Gregory arrives, he's not happy to be introduced to Brook Lynn. He blames her for Chase's suspension. Chase apologizes to Brook Lynn, but she brushes him off before walking away. Chase accuses his father of being rude to Brook Lynn and defends her to Gregory. Gregory asks if Chase has feelings for her, but Chase says they're just friends. Gregory apologizes to Brook Lynn for being rude to her.

Finn mentions Liz and how he's hopeful that the crazy shenanigans seem to have stopped.

Nikolas defends Esme, though Ava's not having it. Nikolas brings up the pregnancy, but Ava doesn't believe it. Ava says she doesn't want Esme living in their house, but Nikolas puts his foot down and says he's made the decision. Ava warns that either Esme goes or she does, and storms out when Nikolas holds his ground.

Esme says she's scared of taking the pregnancy test because if it's negative, she'll be alone again, and if it's positive they'll be tied to each other forever. Spencer promises she can stay at Wyndemere no matter what the test says.

Liz has a dream of a shadowy figure in her house who tells her not to forget him. The words "don't forget me" are written on a photo in red ink. 

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