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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Deacon Informs Ridge and Sheila of Steffy’s Shooting and Finn’s Death

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for April 5, 2022
Deacon Sharpe, The Bold and the Beautiful

Sean Kanan

Bloodbath Alley: Deacon is still standing above Steffy and Finn’s bullet-riddled bodies awaiting an ambulance. The ambulance arrives and Deacon tries to tell them what he found, and who the victims are. He wonders why they are not moving and if they are alive. The paramedics confirm that Steffy is alive.

The police arrive and Deacon tells them he called the emergency in. He explains that he was taking the trash out and found them in the alley. He didn’t see anyone or hear any gunshots. The police say they will notify the families, but Deacon insists on making the call because time is of the essence.

Heartbreak Hotel: Sheila is in her hotel room freaking out and reviewing the events of the evening. Her memories review Finn’s shooting, but not so shockingly, Steffy’s was left out. Sheila loses her lunch thinking about how she killed her own son. Sheila faces herself in the mirror and admits that she killed both Steffy and Finn. She killed her own son. She begins to brush her hair in very frenetic and crazed manner whilst looking into the mirrored depths of her soul.

I spoke to soon, here comes the Steffy shooting flashback. Sheila rationalizes that Steffy wouldn’t listen and now they are both dead. Just then, there is a knock at the is Deacon. Sheila puts on a happy face and gets flirty while Deacon downs a dark-liquor nip. He asks her to sit down because Steffy and Finn have been shot. He thinks it was a robbery. Before she can exit, Deacon tears up and indicates that Finn has gone on to his reward. Sheila collapses on the bed and cries.

Steffy Forrester Fan Club: Taylor is hanging out in the Forrester office listening to Ridge and Thomas talk business. Ridge and Taylor think Steffy and Thomas are ready to take over the company. Steffy, Ridge, and Thomas continue to go over the top reminding us how unstoppable Steffy is. Thomas looks somewhat panicked the more they discuss the wonders of Finn and Steffy’s relationship, and the horrors of Sheila being Finn’s mother.

Ridge’s phone rings and he wonders why in the hell Deacon would be calling him. Taylor suggests he pick up. Deacon asks him not to hang up and tells him there was a shooting - Steffy was shot and Finn didn’t make it. He needs to get to University Hospital immediately.

University Hospital: Steffy arrives at the hospital and is met by Bridget. She moves her along to a room and suggests contacting the OR. Steffy, Thomas, and Taylor arrive, and Bridget updates them.

Steffy lost a lot of blood and is unconscious. They are doing everything they can. Bridget allows all three of them to enter the room to briefly see Steffy. Taylor takes Steffy’s hand, cries, and tells her to fight.

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Random Thoughts:

-How quickly will Thomas figure out Sheila that is the culprit?

-How will Thomas handle it when he realizes he could have prevented Steffy’s shooting and Finn’s death?

-Will Sheila run?

-Beating us over the head with foreshadowing is a wee bit tiresome.

-Did Steffy ever file that paperwork to make her marriage to Finn legal?

-Does anyone else think Deacon is going to get blamed for this shooting?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.