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Days of Our Lives Recap: Anna is Arrested For Assaulting "Renée"

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 5, 2022
Anna Deveraux, Days of Our Lives

Leann Hunley

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Maggie and Tony think Anna overstepped by jabbing Sarah without consent, but Anna thinks she's done no wrong. "Renée" calls Anna a hag and runs off to the Salem PD. Xander chases after her.

Maggie's upset with Anna and tells her the drug should be vetted before use. Tony apologizes, but Anna doesn't feel sorry. Maggie says Anna's actions were selfish and holds her responsible if anything happens to Sarah. She leaves for the lab to see what the drug's effects could be.

Tony is angry with Anna, but she is frustrated by everyone else's reactions to Sarah. Tony reminds Anna that she could be facing assault charges. "Renée" returns with Shawn and Rafe, who arrest Anna.

Xander and Tony agree to let Sarah keep thinking she's Renée because it's safe. Maggie comes back and tells Xander the lab wants to flush out the drug, but Xander wonders if that's what she really wants to do.

Bistro: Gwen's fretting that Xander's ghosting her. Gabi joins her and the two bicker about their past entanglements over Dr. Rolf's drug. They commiserate about their love lives. Gwen tells Gabi she was a better match for Jake than she was. The two start mending fences over their misery.

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Jake's above the garage: Ava and Jake talk about how they tried to change, but still ended up heartbroken. Jake realizes it worked for a while, but he's just a mechanic at heart. He tells Ava she's not the homemaker type. Ava realizes there's one bed and asks about their sleeping arrangement. Jake agrees to take the floor.

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Statesville: Belle wants to know how she got pregnant in prison. She denies sleeping with prison guards and tells her the daddy is Shawn. Belle doesn't believe her, but Jan reminds Belle that she walked in on them. Belle says she got there before they had sex, but Jan tells her she interrupted round two. Jan taunts her with her past with Shawn and Belle lashes out.

The Beginning of The End:

-Gabi comes to the garage. Shirtless Jake answers the door and she sees Ava in bed.

-Anna tries to give her side of the story to Rafe. He leaves when Tony comes in and tells her he has a lawyer.

-Gwen has a flashback to swapping syringes in Dr. Rolf's office. She trades the antidote for an extra dose she's been keeping. 

-"Renée" demands to see a nurse, then pauses. Maggie calls her Sarah and she responds as a child.

-Belle tells Shawn about her visit with Jan.

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