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Saints & Sinners Showrunner Talks Final Season of Bounce TV Soap

Vanessa Bell Calloway, Jasmine Burke, Clifton Powell, Donna Briscoe, Saints and Sinners

The parishioners of Greater Hope Baptist Church in Cypress, Ga has gone through hell and back in the past six years. They've dealt with corruption, greed, lies, sexual liaisons, and murder...and it still isn't over yet.

Welcome to Saints & Sinners. The final season of the smash Bounce TV series is underway and promises to go out just like it started: with a bang. TV Source spoke showrunner Nigel Campbell about what viewers can expect for the last season and how the magic comes alive in the writers room. 

Our readers are very big on the behind the scenes aspect of television creation. Specifically, revolving around the writing process. Can you walk us through how the final season was plotted out, did you come into the writers’ room with an ending in mind?

 Well, you know, within our writers’ room for season six, specifically, we allowed for a lot more discovery. I would say with season five, we came in with a more finite vision. I had a plan for what I’d like to do for the fifth season. With this one, it was more like, okay, we’re going to land the plane. Where we have the opportunity to plan where things are going and these characters in a way that we want to and sort of set the stage for where are they going for the rest of their lives that we’re not going to see. That’s its own sort of unique challenge, but one that I hadn’t had the experience of taking on before. So that was exciting.

But we went into it with an open mind, like, let’s discover who’s going to win, who’s going to lose? What does a win look like? Our characters live a lot in the gray as opposed to black and white. Sometimes you have to ask yourself who’s deserving of a win? And again, what does that look like? That should probably be tempered in some way, right? Because you can’t just give them the complete pot of gold after they’ve probably killed a few people. So it was a really interesting process of discussion. But I think that we landed somewhere really satisfying for, I’d like to say, all of our characters. I think that everyone has an interesting journey and my goal this season is, as always, to give you a fresh look at everyone and let’s peel the layers back even more and show you something new about these people. And I think six seasons in, that we’re still doing that.

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Sounds juicy. What's coming up on the horizon for the final season? Campbell teased:

You will see… You’ll see some familiar faces that may have taken a bit of a break. How about that? You’ll see some familiar faces I have described this season as like kind of muscular, kind of gritty. I really wanted to take the men on our show and make sure that they were all kind of playing from the top of their intelligence. Not to say that the women are taking a backseat because I love a soap diva, I think that women drive story in this genre, frankly. I think that women in soaps are meant to be the protagonists. They’re meant to be active and driving stories. So that’s never going to take a backseat on a show that I’m writing.

But I really wanted to kind of toughen up our men, for lack of a better word. And I think the balance is really, really interesting. We’ve got a great new villain this season. It’s emotional, it’s twisty and it’s going to be really surprising. But we’re not taking the foot off the pedal, we’re going like 100 miles per hour.

Catch the final season of Saints & Sinners Sundays on Bounce TV. Click here for show times.