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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Defends Esme Despite Laura's Concerns on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 5, 2022
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today's General Hospital recap: The Deception IPO launch party is held at The Savoy and the women are ready to celebrate. Nina congratulates Sasha, while Felicia and Anna are thrilled for Maxie. Brook Lynn and Lucy question Selina's invite, but she says she's a major investor.

Austin shows up, and he and Maxie share a kiss, which Brook Lynn sees and doesn't seem thrilled by. Brook Lynn demands to know how long it's been going on, then storms off angrily. Maxie wants Austin to make peace with Brook Lynn. Austin and Brooke Lynn discuss Maxie and how each of them is good friends with her. Austin offers a cease fire and Brook Lynn shakes on it.

Selina asks Curtis if he's agreed to her poker games at The Savoy, but he turns her down again. Curtis introduces Nina to Selina, who's familiar with Nina's work. Nina brings up Sonny and Selina says they're friends.

Lucy asks Sasha to be the voice of the day, which forces Sasha to take something for courage. Sasha praises Lucy, Maxie, and Brook Lynn, and toasts everyone. The stock rises quickly and everyone's excited.

Sonny and Dante run into Brando, who talks about the IPO and his quickie marriage to Sasha. Brando sings Sasha's praises and about how strong she is.

Ava tells Scotty there's trouble in paradise because of Esme, and Laura overhears them discussing the possibility of a baby Cassadine. Laura is shocked to hear that Ava walked out on Nikolas and is determined to find out what's going on.

Ava asks Scotty what she's entitled to if she walks away from her marriage. Scotty wonders if the problems are really about Esme or if Ava is just looking for a way out. Scotty tells her to hang onto her marital property.

Esme's pregnancy test turns out negative (I'm shocked). She says she's worried that Spencer will kick her out, but he promises she's allowed to stay. Nikolas overhears and wonders why Esme thinks she needs to leave. Esme tells Nikolas she's not pregnant, but he says she deserves to feel safe from Sonny. Spencer promises he won't let anyone hurt her. Spencer abruptly leaves and Nikolas reassures Esme it will take time for Spencer to readjust to the outside life. (Please, the boy was in kid jail for a minute and a half.)

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Laura arrives in time to see Nikolas put his arm around Esme and is not amused. Laura tells Nikolas that Ava is meeting with her lawyer. Laura asks about the pregnancy and Esme tells her it was a false alarm.

When Esme leaves, Laura's thankful she's not pregnant and asks about Ava. Nikolas tells her that Sonny went after Esme. Laura says many people believe Esme is behind the sex tape and the framing of Trina. Laura says Esme should be afraid of Ava, but Nikolas says he won't let anything happen to Esme. Laura questions why he's so concerned. Nikolas says he only cares as far as Spencer is concerned, but Laura disagrees.

Nikolas is also worried about Sonny, but Laura doesn't believe Esme is in any danger. Nikolas says Spencer will feel guilty if anything happens to Esme, which none of them want. Nikolas says Spencer confided in Victor first and he was trying to nip that in the bud. Laura tells him to work on his marriage. Laura tells Esme that Nikolas has extended his hospitality and she hopes Esme won't betray that trust, just as Ava shows up.

Spencer stops by to see Sonny and questions why he thought it was okay to scare Esme. Sonny doesn't understand why Spencer is defending Esme after what she did, but he doesn't believe her to be guilty of making the sex tape.

Spencer says Esme is staying at Wyndemere out of fear of Sonny, but Sonny explains what really happened that day. Spencer says he can't turn his back on her, but Sonny says his loyalty should be with those on his side and it isn't Esme. Sonny says Spencer doesn't know Esme as well as he thinks he does and she'll end up using him. Sonny says he's made mistakes that he may not recover from and Spencer is close to walking in his shoes.

Jake sees Liz try to hide the new drawing and wonders how someone broke in again. Liz says she'll deal with it herself to protect her children. He calls Finn to come over and Liz explains what happened. Liz worries they won't catch this person. Aiden suggests checking for prints and Jake wonders if they can match the type of paint (Jordan needs to hire these two for Trina's case. They're smarter than the entire PCPD put together.)

Dante stops by Liz's and tells her the patrol didn't notice any unusual activity last night. Liz admits she didn't have the security system armed because the boys keep tripping it. Liz wonders if the person she heard was actually in the house while she slept. Dante thinks whoever it is is getting bolder.

Dante takes the picture and says they'll check it for prints and suggests they live elsewhere. Liz doesn't want to uproot the boys, but agrees to send them to Laura's while she stays at the house by herself. Liz says no one will run her out of the house she shared with Franco.

Aiden's worried that a person keeps breaking. He tells Jake it may not be a person, but Franco.

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