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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victoria Convinces Ashland That Adam is The Culprit Behind His Set Up

The Young and the Restless Recap for April 5, 2022
Victoria Newman, The Young and the Restless

Amelia Heinle

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Newman-Locke: The pilot tells Ashland that highly unusual weather patterns are grounding their flight. Ashland thinks Victoria should talk to her father about Adam replacing them. Victoria tells him she picks her battles and this isn't one of them. She adds that it will be over once they find the person who's framing him.

Ashland tells Victoria about his meeting with Adam. She puts the idea in his head that Adam may be the man behind his downfall. She rattles off Adam's past misdeeds and asks Ashland if it's possible. Ashland decides they need to stay in the US and do a deep dive into Adam's activities.

Newman Media: Nikki tells Victor she's a nervous wreck because Victoria is leaving for Italy. Victor tells Nikki the pilot's been told to manufacture a weather delay to stall them. He wants to give Michael enough time to find a loophole in Ashland's contract.

Nikki wants to know why Adam is now CEO, but Victor shuts her down. Victor says it's temporary, though Nikki feels it shows a lack of confidence in Victoria. Nikki thinks Victor should have appointed her since she's COO, and by choosing Adam, it sends a clear message.

Society: Sally is still curious about Adam's plans for Newman-Locke. She's concerned about Victor and Victoria's reactions about her taking over Newman Media, but Adam thinks they're distracted by other things. He admits he thinks Victoria has a plan to dispose of Ashland. Adam's on her side, but he acknowledges that she will still have a mess to clean up even if she comes out on top. Adam wants to prove his worth before Victoria comes back from Italy.

Los Angeles: Jack is at the coffee shop recalling his conversation with Diane when Phyllis appears. She wants to know what he was dodging on the phone and can see that something's wrong. Jack tells her about Diane's reappearance as the mystery texter. She feels denial, then shock.

Jack tells her that Diane wants help reuniting with Kyle and he refuses to do it. Phyllis doesn't agree because she sees Diane as a wrecking ball who won't stop until she sees Kyle. Oddly, Jack thinks she will just disappear if he won't help her.

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Phyllis reminds Jack how his omission of information from Keemo led to a rift. She tells Jack to trust Kyle and not to let Diane blindside him. Jack finally gets the message and realizes he has to be Diane to the punch.

Diane calls for Kyle's direct number in Milan. She pretends to be Auntie Ashley to get the intel. Knock, knock, it's Jack and Phyllis!

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Random Thoughts:

-Phyllis: "Diane's dead, she's burning in hell." HAHAHA.

-Victoria made a smart move by throwing under the bus. Now Ashland will shift his focus away from Victor.

-Sally mentioned the bloody wedding dress again...drink!

-Oh boy! Phyllis vs. Diane!

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