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Days of Our Lives Recap: Belle Leaves Shawn in The Dust When He Reveals The Truth About Jan

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 6, 2022
Belle Black, Days of Our Lives

Martha Madison

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Nicole's place: Nicole's relieved that Rafe is at the door and not Ava. Nicole tells him Allie's out for the night with Chanel. Rafe and Nicole talk about Eli's shooting. Then, Rafe tells her what's happening with Anna and Sarah. Nicole admits to Rafe she didn't reveal her feelings for fear of losing her best friend.

Jake's place: Gabi wants to know why Ava's in his bed. Ava vamps it up and tells Gabi they are making each other feel better after their recent heartbreaks. Gabi gets angry and threatens Ava, but Jake tells her nothing happened. Gabi reverts to her original question...why is Ava in his bed? Jake explains why she's there, but Gabi doesn't believe she can't use her own fortune to get her own place.

Gabi asks Jake for another chance. Ava teases her, but Gabi tries again. Jake says they're done and asks her to leave. Gabi asks Ava about her setting up Rafe, but Ava turns the tables on her and Rafe by calling them cheats. They're about to rumble when Jake breaks them up.

Brady Pub: Kate wants Roman to fire that son of a bitch Clyde. Roman says he does good work, so no dice. Kate bad mouths Clyde as he comes from the kitchen. Clyde points out that Kate shot him, but she reminds him it was because he was going to kidnap Allie. Clyde insists he's learned the error of his ways. He swears on his unborn grandchild. Clyde wonders if he and Kate could have a future. Roman says he's with Kate and tells him to respect their relationship. Clyde decides it's time to go home. Roman invites Kate for a dance.

Belle and Shawn's: Shawn is surprised by Belle's news. She doesn't think he slept with Jan that night, but Shawn tells her differently. Shawn explains what happened, but Belle wants to know why Shawn never told her the truth. Shawn admits he was ashamed and didn't know how to say it out loud. 

Belle explains the humiliation she felt when she heard this news from Jan. Belle tells him Jan's really pregnant and Shawn says he will get a paternity test. He tells Belle he will go to the prison in the morning. Belle packs up and decides to spend the night with her parents.

Ben and Ciara's: Ciara interrupts Ben's shirtless sweaty weightlifting session. Ben tells her that Roman hired Clyde. Ciara's surprised Roman agreed to hire him, but Ben thinks the ex-cop can handle the ex-con.

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The Last Ten Yards:

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-Jake wants to know why Ava fired up Gabi, but Ava claims she makes it easy.

-Gabi sits in Horton Square sad and alone.

-Shawn stares at a picture of him and Belle while she cries on the sofa at her folks' place.

-Rafe and Nicole get all conference room table.

-Ben gets out of the shower and drops his towel for Ciara.

Random Thoughts:

-So, Allie's dumping Henry off on Nicole for somethin' somethin' with Chanel.

-Ben called Clyde a redneck hillbilly from the Ozarks when Ciara meant jerk. HAHAHA!

-Methinks Jan won't harm that precious baby with a DNA test this early in the game.

-Martha Madison rocked it out today.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!