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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila Receives Misplaced Comfort For Making a Murderous Mess

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap For April 6, 2022
Sheila Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

Hotel Hell: Deacon comforts a despondent Sheila. He can’t believe Steffy and Finn were shot. Deacon covers Sheila with her coat and snuggles up next to her. He explains how he went to take the trash out and found Finn and Steffy lying on the ground.

Sheila quickly becomes Sheila and asks if he saw anything else. Cue flashbacks of both shootings. Deacon kisses her on the head and assures her he’s with her. Sheila puts on her best “fake it 'til you make it” face and asks Deacon what they could have possibly been doing in an alley. She cries about how and why Finn could possibly be gone. As Deacon continues to comfort her, Sheila realizes that Steffy is actually alive, which fills Deacon with relief and Sheila with angst.

The Back Shack: Hope and Liam are tearing each other’s clothes off as Brooke randomly throws open the door. They tell her it’s okay because she has something on her mind and they clearly love “hearing the dirt.”

Brooke has a funny feeling she should be worried about Ridge - like there is something “terribly wrong.” Hope thinks all of these feelings are about the “Bridge” breakup. Liam shockingly concurs.

Brooke says that spending time with Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas is probably a good idea since Ridge thinks he was somewhat neglectful of them back in the day. They continue their conversation and hug each other to celebrate how supportive they all are of each other...just then there's a knock on the door. Deacon arrives to check in to see if everyone is okay. He immediately realizes they have no clue about the blood bath at Il Giardino! He tells them that Finn and Steffy were shot.

University Hospital: Taylor, Ridge, and Thomas are still surrounding a comatose Steffy. Thomas takes his place next to Steffy and begs her to come back to her children and him - her best friend….really? Ridge and Taylor cross to a distressed Thomas to comfort him. Just then, Bridget and her medical minion arrive to take a look at Steffy.

In the lobby, Taylor, Ridge, and Thomas contemplate what the hell happened. Taylor wonders what kind of monster would shoot Steffy, kill Finn, and leave them lying in an alley.

Ridge thinks none of this situation feels real. Taylor comforts Thomas as Ridge watches on. Taylor then goes to WORRYING ABOUT SHEILA. Thomas calls to check on the kids and confirms that Donna is going to watch Douglas and Beth, leaving Amelia with Kelly and Hayes.

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Thomas starts to lose it, wondering how Steffy is fighting for her life and Finn is dead. Taylor freaks out and relates this situation to how they lost Phoebe. Just then, the elevator door opens and Sheila arrives. She approaches Thomas who confirms that Steffy is still alive. Taylor immediately walks up, says she is sorry, AND EMBRACES SHEILA. Sheila also says she is so sorry and embraces Taylor…creepy music ensues and the episode is over.

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Random Thoughts:

-Sheila shifting from grieving mother to self-serving investigative sleuth was oh so subtle and AWESOME. 

-Deacon isn't the brightest bulb, but maybe he should recognize a bit more of Sheila’s evil?!?!?

-Does anyone else think that Brooke walking in on Hope and Liam starting to get nekkid should have led her to walk out and not barge in? 

-Deacon’s stock should seriously rise after everything is revealed about New Year’s Eve leading into Bloodbath Alley.

-Would Taylor really embrace a despondent Sheila? Really? 

-Krista Allen and Kimberlin Brown continue to do WORK! 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.