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Days of Our Lives Recap: Shawn Gets a Jolt From The Paternity Test Results

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 7, 2022
Shawn Brady, Days of Our Lives

Brandon Beemer

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera mansion: Abigail is surprised when a freshly-freed EJ swaggers in. He explains his conviction was overturned. EJ wants to see Johnny and Abigail says he hasn't been around. She rattles off all the things Johnny's done at DiMera, but EJ claims he wasn't in on what Johnny was up to. He heads out to see Belle.

Belle and Shawn's: Belle comes back to get papers and wonders why Shawn isn't visiting the mother of his child. Belle explains her anger isn't about his infidelity, but about his lying. Shawn's upset with Belle, but doesn't push it, and leaves.

Belle's happy to see EJ's out of prison. Belle realizes she's missed many messages because she's so distracted. She tells EJ what happened between Shawn and Jan. 

Nicole's: Chanel comes to see Allie, but she's not there. Nicole says she's been gone all night. The two compare notes and realize they were duped. Nicole agrees to call Tripp, but Chanel wonders if she went to see Johnny.

Statesville: Shawn visits Jan and insists he's not the father of her baby. Jan says she'd never have sex with a random man just to have his baby. Shawn demands a paternity test and Jan refuses. Shawn says there's a safe, noninvasive alternative and questions if Jan will take it. Shawn tells her he's cleared it with the prison and Jan agrees. She's got nothing to hide.

Ben and Ciara's: Clyde offers to make Ciara breakfast to help get on her good side. Clyde tries really, really to take care of her, but Ciara's hesitant to be friendly. Clyde gets the scoop on how gender reveal parties work.

DiMera crypt: Johnny's hanging from his wrists when AllDevil approaches him. Johnny wants to know what's going on and realizes Allie's possessed. The Devil reveals he jumped into Johnny after leaving Marlena. Johnny says he doesn't remember and AllDevil tells him that he can't be running around town blabbing the news. 

AllDevil tells him that JoDevil broke Chanel's heart into a million tiny pieces. She tells him about sleeping with Chanel, then mentions how JoDevil broke up Allie and Tripp. AllDevil says she's got a baby to check on and leaves.

Back at the DiMera mansion: Abigail tells Chanel what happened with Allie the day before. Abigail talks about her unusual behavior, but hasn't seen her since. Chanel heads out to find Tripp, but comes up empty. She returns to Nicole's.

Abigail retraces Allie's steps to the side door she found open the day before. She finds footprints and decides to follow them.

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The Beginning of The End:

-Nicole leaves Chanel at her apartment to talk to Rafe about Allie's disappearance.

-EJ comforts Belle with a hug just as Shawn walks in. EJ decides it's a good time to leave. Shawn gets a call from the lab that confirms he's the daddy.

-EJ visits Clyde and says they have unfinished business.

-Abigail follows the footprints to the crypt and starts to open the door.

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Random Thoughts:

-AllDevils is more fun for me than JoDevil, but enough Devil.

-I'm with Clyde on gender reveal parties...they're stupid.

-Carson's guns...that's all I have on that subject.

-Glad to see Abigail's still smart!

-I'm not entirely convinced that Shawn's the daddy.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!