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Perkie's Observations: Nina Sues Michael and Willow For Visitation Rights on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 7, 2022
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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

On today's General Hospital recap: Stella falls to the ground, and TJ and Portia examine her while Curtis calls 911. Portia figures it's not a stroke or a heart attack, but decides to have her checked out at the hospital. Portia tells Curtis that it might have been a panic attack. 

At the hospital, Stella wants Portia to stay while the doctor examines her. The doctor says there's nothing physically wrong with her, so Curtis wonders what has her stressed out. He needs to know if Marshall upset her and says it's his job to protect his family, even from his father.

At the house, Marshall talks with Trina about her situation and tells her not to care what others think. Trina talks about Spencer and how he's a lying liar who lies. She mentions thinking Taggert was dead and Marshall feels a kinship with her.

Nina stops by to see Sonny to let him know she started court proceedings, and Michael and Willow will be served any minute. Nina says her priority is to make sure she's in Wiley's life. Nina promises she's not a danger to Wiley, but Sonny points out that Nelle was. Nina says she can't be blamed for how Nelle turned out since she didn't raise her. Sonny promises he sees the real her, and Michael and Will will eventually see it too. The two share a kiss. Nina tells Sonny to make up with Michael.

Michael and Willow get served and are shocked (SHOCKED I TELL YA) that Nina is fighting for visitation. They complain and Michael mentions having to play nice with Mr. Smoltz.

Harmony talks to Carly about a second job since she's saving up for her own place. Harmony feels she needs to disclose that she spoke to Willow on Nina's behalf. She says she now sees that she shouldn't have and Carly accepts it and tells her to fill out an application online.

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Victor paints a dire picture and wants Laura's help though he swears the family isn't in danger yet. Laura doesn't believe Victor's new look as a family man. Victor says he's been trying to make amends but understands her skepticism. He says his life has been lonely, after he went into hiding after Crichton-Clark and Nikolas was the only one to check in on him. Victor says he's more committed to the family.

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Mr. Smoltz accuses Alexis of stealing the cyber sex article from him and she disagrees. He says he won't sue for giving the story to another reporter, but it puts her in his debt. He wants a five-part feature in The Invader in exchange for his silence. Alexis tries to blow him off, but he pushes her to at least agree to hear him out next time.

Mr. Smoltz joins Michael and Willow, and Michael throws his weight around and claims Smoltz will go bankrupt before getting any of Michael's money. Michael offers an exclusive on Nina's past with their family, including Avery's abduction.

Willow tells Harmony about Nina's petition for visitation and any hope for civil relationship is past. Willow says she doesn't want Nina anywhere near Wiley. Harmony keeps dodging phone calls until she gets a text from Neil's brother Brendon. He orders her to meet with him or he'll contact Willow.

Alexis tells Carly she was offered a television spot to sit on a panel to discuss the article and says she won't do it if it makes Josslyn uncomfortable. Carly thanks her for bringing it to her attention, but she'll need to speak with Josslyn.

Carly mentions Harmony looking for a job and Alexis vouches that she's a hard worker and conscientious. Carly says Harmony said she owed Nina and doesn't understand why.

Stella calls Marshall and warns him to stick to his story if Curtis continues to ask questions.

In French Polynesia, Valentin joins Jennifer and the two make flirty small talk. Jennifer brings him back to her room, where he watches her put something in her safe. While Jennifer's in the shower, Valentin manages to get into the safe, but she catches him.

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