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Perkie's Observations: The Ice Princess is Heading For The Auction Block on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 6, 2022
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis and Portia have a housewarming party. Drew asks about Trina and Curtis says they're supporting her as best they can. Curtis talks about Marshall and how he hasn't been able to get more information, including from Sonny. Drew warns Curtis not to get in bed with the mob.

TJ checks in on Trina, who's upset that she's been framed, and TJ commiserates with her. Trina tells Portia she should be focusing on everyone who believes she's innocent, but can only concentrate on how Spencer treated her at the station. Portia says this should teach Trina who her real friends are.

Stella talks to Portia about how surprised she was to hear that she and Curtis were moving in together. She says she was concerned about Curtis moving forward after signing the divorce papers, then has a memory of taking the papers.

Marshall stops by, having been invited by TJ. Curtis talks to Marshall and mentions wanting to take Portia to Buenos Aires. He asks his father if he's ever been. Marshall gets squirrelly and walks out to the patio, where Stella joins in. Stella's upset with Marshall and says she doesn't want this blowing up in her face at the risk of losing her family. Marshall reminds her he's Curtis and TJ's family. The group wants a family picture, but Stella passes out.

Ava comes home and announces Wyndemere's her house and she's not leaving. Laura drags Esme out as Spencer arrives. Esme is quick to pick a fight. Laura plays peacekeeper and invites them to lunch, but Spencer says he and Esme need to discuss things.

Spencer says they have a lot to talk about, but Esme points out he's in love with someone else. Spencer admits his feelings for Trina are complicated and Esme wonders if there is a path forward for them. Esme starts to cry and feels maybe she should just leave since there is nothing keeping them together anymore. Spencer says they can figure things out one step at a time and the two share a hug.

Nikolas thinks Ava's return means she believes Esme, but Ava disagrees. She completely thinks Esme is responsible for what happened to Trina. Ava says she won't let Esme push her from her home. She says she'll protect anyone she cares about and asks if Nikolas has forgotten what she's capable of. Ava says Nikolas is smarter and shouldn't be falling for Esme's act. Nikolas says it's insulting she thinks he's so naive. Ava says they won't be sharing a bed as long as he protects Esme. Nikolas says he doesn't respond well to ultimatums.

Ava says he's trusting a girl who terrorized her. Nikolas says the evidence points to Trina for the sex tape, and he wants to stand by Spencer, who's picking Esme. Nikolas tells Ava not to put him in a position to pick between her and Spencer again. Ava reiterates she'll be staying, but not in her husband's bedroom.

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Victor tells Johan he's going overseas on business and to man the fort here. Johan worries about everyone who suspects Victor of Luke's death. Victor says he has a better suspect in mind.

Victor runs into Laura and wants time with her, but she's less than friendly. Laura's annoyed with how Victor dealt with Esme's potential pregnancy. Laura says she wants better for everyone. Victor swears he's not heartless and wants to leave a better world. He wants them to stop being at war with each other and work together.

Sam updates Anna that Spinelli's been monitoring the dark web for any activity regarding Luke's murder. Dante mentions the Ice Princess and the coincidence of it being swapped around the same time. Sam says they found an online auction that's trying to sell a prized diamond.

Anna wants an invitation to the auction and says she'll use funds from an account that Duke left her. They get an alert they've been invited to join the Ice Princess auction. Sam says it's happening in French Polynesia. Anna asks Sam to get Spinelli to do a deep dive on Johan and leaves a voicemail message for Valentin.

Selina seeks out Sonny to talk about the gaming she wants to bring into Port Charles and its potential location. She's also asking for his blessing, which Sonny is not quick to offer. Selina says they wouldn't be in competition with each other and would offer a percentage. Sonny warns that he will not accept any drugs and will shut things down if there is. Selina accepts the deal.

Sonny tells Selina that Brick will be taking over Jason's day to day activities and Selina's happy to hear it. She mentions she's heard about a new family amassing power on the west coast under the radar. Selina says they aren't a problem today, but may be someday and promises to keep Sonny up to speed.

Jennifer Smith is talking to someone on the phone about the auction. She tells them the Ice Princess belongs to "them". She mentions how they've expanded along the west coast and if she wins the auction, they can start moving east and strike at the heart of Port Charles.

Valentin, dressed in navy whites, approaches Jennifer.

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