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Michael Blake Kruse Gives a Peek at Officer Rory on General Hospital

Michael Blake Kruse, General Hospital

Michael Blake Kruse

A new cop has joined the Port Charles Police department and General Hospital viewers have taken notice in a good way.

Actor Michael Blake Kruse (Rory) was recently added to the cast as Officer Rory Cabrera and has many wondering who he is, who will he mix it up with, and does he have his eye on a certain chocolate college freshman at PCU?

Kruse talked to Soap Opera Digest where he discussed landing the role, and what fans can expect with PCPD's newest officer.

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Digest: So, break down your casting story for me. 

Kruse: It started out as a typical self-tape. I was actually back in Iowa with my family at the time of receiving it and I felt super-connected with the breakdown of Rory right away. He was like the epitome of who I try to represent myself as, and I have so many friends and family in law enforcement and military as well, so all these types of roles are kind of like a dream to me because these are the people that I actually am connected with, and I look up to them. I take these types of projects super-seriously and I’m always extremely diligent and wanting to put in the work to make sure I give myself the best chance to book stuff. The audition was only one scene, but I felt great about it and I felt connected with what they had written for me. I think it was a pretend scene from some other past character, but we sent it off and I didn’t hear anything for a week or so. But I still really had it in the back of my mind because I really wanted the job. And then I got an email about a producer session, and I happened to be driving back to L.A. from Iowa with my dog and it was the same scene I read with the producers. I think Phideaux [Xavier], one of the directors, was in the room. I did one take at it, I felt great with it, and they didn’t give me any redirects. They gave me some nice pleasantries and then I left. Again, I didn’t hear anything for another few days, but thought I had a chance, and then I got a call that they wanted to network test me. And of course, I’m excited, but then there’s just more nerves that I’m constantly battling anyway. I would describe myself as a nervous actor; I don’t do incredible at auditions. But I was feeling good with what I had already presented. Cut to, like, two days later, and for whatever reason, they didn’t need to network test me and I was offered the job.

Kruse's Officer Rory received a hugely positive and warm response with the interaction, albeit limited, he had with Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) Could there be something on the horizon?

Digest: The GH fans love to invest in a romance, and that’s what I think has so much promise about Rory, because not only will he be valuable on the PCPD front, but the character of Trina is one that fans care very deeply about, so to have someone new on the scene whose heart goes out to her and is a source of support to her in this incredibly difficult time, that is only going to win the fans over. 

Kruse: Yes, I do think that Rory will inevitably get involved in some sticky situations with what’s going on in town, but I am very excited to play a character who I think has a good heart and wants to just do what is right, and he just happens to be in a situation involving Trina and so their paths crossing might result into something more just because of a coincidence. But Rory is just a great guy.

Watch out Spencer (Nicholas Chavez), you are about to get serious competition.