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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victoria Puts a Hitch in Adam's Plans When She Cancels Her Trip to Italy

The Young and the Restless Recap for April 7, 2022
Victoria Newman, The Young and the Restless

Amelia Heinle

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Crimson Lights: Nick approaches Billy for intel on his chat with Victoria. Billy explains Victoria has a plan and doesn't think she's in danger. He adds that Victor's sending a security team with her. Nick outlines Victoria's paths and Billy says she doesn't want their help regardless of her plans.

Rey and Chance chitchat about his return to work and dealing with manpain. Chance admits he's not sure he can bond with Dominic the same way Abby and Devon did. Rey confides that he sometimes has the same feelings being a stepfather.

Newman-Locke: Ashland cancels the trip and tells the pilot he's not needed. Victoria realizes her father had a hand in stalling their plans. Ashland's okay with it since they can stay home and check into Adam while watching over Newman-Locke.

Victoria thinks Adam's arrogance will be his downfall, which Ashland nonverbally reacts to. Ashland admits he's still concerned that she has some doubts about him, but Victoria reassures him. Victoria says it's time to gather the family and tell them they're staying in town.

Society: Abby's excited for Chelsea, who just scored a coup for her company. Talk turns to Chelsea's complicated relationship with Adam.

Rey and Chance come in. Chelsea hands over the hockey tickets and the two grab some dessert. Chance confides in Abby about how Rey feels sometimes.

Newman Media: Victor pops in and takes his place in Adam's chair. Adam shares his ideas for the Newman empire. Victor reminds him he's only a temporary CEO to stay the course and not make changes. Sally pipes up in defense of Adam. She doesn't think Newman-Locke should stagnate while Victoria mops up her life. Victor sees through them and accuses them of taking advantage of the situation. Sally is dispatched.

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Victor notes Sally's eagerness to move the company forward. Adam finds her ideas and honesty refreshing. Adam wants to focus on Ashland, not Sally. Victor warns Adam not to get too close, and not to confuse the professional and the person (I think that's what he said). Victor says he has faith in Adam and the two talk business until they're summoned by Victoria.

When Adam and Victor leave, Ashland breaks into Adam's office. He spots the laptop and puts on a pair of gloves.

Victoria/Victor/Adam/Nick: Victoria announces Victor's plan to delay her trip to Italy. She tells Adam it's not necessary for him to step in, but thanks him for being willing. When Nick asks about her plans, she tells the group she'll fill them in when Nikki arrives. Victor asks where Ashland is and Victoria says she thinks she knows.

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Random Thoughts:

-Abby's glittery silver fringe put me in the mind of a gay rodeo participant.

-Is Victor foreshadowing Adam's future problems with Sally?

-WTF is Nick doing laying everything on Billy? He's acting like he has no say in anything.

-It didn't take long for Chance to blab Rey's feelings to Abby.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.