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Perkie's Observations: Curtis and Selina Hammer Out a Deal on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 8, 2022
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Curtis Ashford, Selina Wu, General Hospital

Donnell Turner, Lydia Look

On today's General Hospital recap: Valentin puts a bag into the safe, and distracts Jennifer by making out with her and drinking champagne.

Anna and Felicia find themselves in French Polynesia as well. Anna hopes this auction will pan out and they'll find Luke's killer. She hopes it turns out to be Victor. Anna spots a WSB agent and tells him she's running a sting. The agent says their goal is to get the Ice Princess and catch whoever has it.

Anna and the other WSB agents shows up at Jennifer's door while Valentin sneaks out. Agent Beemer says there's evidence tying her to stolen property and Luke's death. They open the safe and find the Ice Princess in a bag, which was put there by Valentin. 

Jennifer says she was here to bid on the diamond and swears she had no idea that it was stolen from Luke. Jennifer mentions the man she was with and how she thinks he put the diamond in her safe. The WSB places Jennifer under arrest despite her claims of innocence.

Agent Beemer explains to Anna that Jennifer was in cahoots with Kurt (of the swallowed cyanide pill), and they have their murderer and the recovered diamond.
Anna and Felicia go over the events. Felicia wonders why Jennifer would be talking about the auction if she already had the diamond. Anna believes it's all too tidy and believes Victor set up Jennifer to take the fall.

Michael tells Willow that Smoltz took his deal to drop the charges in exchange for a five article series on Nina. Willow agrees that it's their job to protect Wiley and hopes Nina will back off. They're certain that after the articles come out, no judge will think Nina belongs in Wiley's life.

Scotty stops by to see Sonny to discuss Nina's petition and says he'll call Sonny as a character reference for Nina. Scotty wonders if Sonny will pick Michael's side or Nina's.

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Curtis meets with Selina to go over the details of their arrangement and she promises he'll profit from it. Selina offers him money, but Curtis says he wants his father's sealed records. Curtis says he doesn't want her players bringing guns or drugs in his club. Curtis says there will be no games until she gets him the information on Marshall. Nina arrives in time to see them shake hands.

Nina chastises Curtis about his association with Selena and believes he's in trouble. Curtis promises to turn to her for help if he needs to. Nina says she needs a character reference for her lawsuit.

Trina and Marshall discuss Stella's panic attack and Trina worries that all the reporters hanging around the house may have caused undue stress. Marshall reassures her she's not the reason for Stella's health issues. Trina wonders if it's not too late to take the plea deal to make things easier on everyone.

Marshall says she has to focus on what's best for her. Trina thinks if she pleads guilty, all of it will be over. Marshall says he was in a similar situation and took himself out of his family's life.

Brendan sends a second text to Harmony, warning her that he'll tell Willow about her real mother. Harmony takes off and meets Brendan, who says he has her file from when she was a patient of Neil's.

Harmony tells Brendan to stay away from her daughter, but Brendan says she's Nina's daughter. Brendan says Neil recorded every detail of how Harmony became friendly with Madeline, who wanted to get rid of any heirs. One daughter was sold in a black market adoption (Nelle) and the other went to Harmony (Willow).

Harmony says she has no money for a shakedown, but Brendan says Alexis and Willow both have plenty. When Harmony refuses, Brendan says he'll see what Nina wants in exchange. Brendan says he has nothing to lose and will blow up her world if she doesn't give him the money. 

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