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Days of Our Lives Recap: Xander and Maggie Struggle to Cope With Sarah's Latest Transformation

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 11, 2022
EJ DiMera, Maggie Horton, Days of Our Lives

Paul Telfer, Suzanne Rogers

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Tony visits Sarah and quickly realizes she's regressed to childhood. Sarah thinks Tony is Mickey and calls him daddy. Maggie's upset with Anna for jabbing Sarah.

Maggie tells Xander there's no improvement in Sarah and her brain scans show more damage than before. Xander pops into see Sarah, but she doesn't know who he is. Sarah tells him she has a crush on Eric.

Kiriakis mansion: Victor's back! He tells Sonny he wants him as Titan's CEO. Victor says Titan needs a leader until Philip's found. Sonny initially declines the offer because his life's in Phoenix. Victor tells him Ari needs to be near his mother. Sonny agrees to talk to his brothers and Will.

Maggie comes home and updates Victor and Sonny on Sarah. She tells them she wants Anna to pay. Victor vows to help Maggie keep Sarah a happy, sweet child if she stays in this state.

Horton Square: Gabi and Gwen pass each other and Gabi tells her that Ava was in Jake's bed. Xander comes out of the Salem Inn and tells Gwen he went to see Dr. Rolf to find out why the antidote didn't work.

Gwen reminds Xander that he told her they would marry if Sarah didn't recover after getting the antidote. Xander says he has to see Sarah and talk to Maggie to get the full picture of her situation.

Jake's: Poor Jake has a lower back spasm from sleeping on the floor. Ava offers to give him a massage. Gwen gets to the door and thinks they're having sex. After Jake leaves, Gwen tells Ava what she swapped Sarah's syringes. Ava wonders why she confessed to her and says she went too far.

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Salem PD: Anna tells Rafe she wants to leave, but Rafe points out she needs to be arraigned. Gabi barges in and pulls Rafe out the interrogation room to talk to him about Ava. She claims Ava is doing it to get at her and asks Rafe to arrest Ava. Rafe offers to give her the case files after waiving his legal rights to confidentiality. Rafe returns to take Anna let her know they're almost ready for her.

Tony tells Anna that Renée is gone, but says Sarah's far from cured. Tony warns Anna that Maggie's furious with her and wants her to pay.

Salem Inn: Gwen returns and consoles Xander after hearing about Sarah. He admits his time with Sarah is over and wants to get marry Gwen.

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Random Thoughts:

-Funny that Ava thinks Gwen went too far considering she's killed people.

-I don't like that Tony has NO sympathy for Anna or her feeling about Renée.

-Maggie in payback mode could be interesting, but she has Victor's power behind her.

-Hope that Sarah isn't a child for long.

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