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Perkie's Observations: New Evidence Against Trina Comes to Light on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 11, 2022
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Tabyana Ali

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly tells Sam she believes Esme is behind the sex tape and wants to know what the PCPD knows. Sam says Dante isn't discussing anything with her and all she knows is the evidence points to Trina. Carly pleads her case, but Sam says she can't get information from Dante. Carly tells her about Sonny bringing in Esme and how the Cassadine men rallied around her. Sam worries about Victor's involvement.

ADA Arden checks in with Jordan about more evidence against Trina. Dante questions why she's going so hard at Trina, but Arden says it's a felony crime and she's going to prosecute her to the fullest extent.

Jordan tells Dante she doesn't believe Trina is guilty and Dante agrees. The two realize that Arden will go hard unless they find evidence that exonerates Trina. Jordan doesn't want Trina to go to prison for a crime she didn't commit.

Jordan gets the forensics back and lets Dante know the phone had Trina's fingerprints all over it. The phone shows that someone did an online fine arts purchase with Trinas' credit card. Jordan believes this is the evidence that Arden will use to convict Trina. Jordan says it's time to look into Esme, but that they need to be methodical and careful.

Ava's surprised to see Trina at the gallery and is happy she's not hiding out. Ava tells Trina that Spencer and Esme are back at Wyndemere, but not really together. Ava explains to Trina that Sonny had a chat with Esme and Nikolas came to her rescue.

Ava also mentions how things are tense with Nikolas, which makes Trina blame herself. Ava says she's staying at Wyndemere so she can keep an eye on Esme, despite being in a separate room from Nikolas. Trina points out it's exactly what Spencer and Esme want. Trina says it's all Esme and to not give her the satisfaction. She tells Ava to show Esme that her marriage to Nikolas is stronger than Esme's scheme.

Esme sets out a spread of food as a thank you for Nikolas to let her stay. She plays the poor, poor you, you're sleeping in separate rooms, card, but Nikolas is quick to reassure her there's nothing wrong with his marriage. Both Nikolas and Spencer agree that Esme is better protected from Sonny at Wyndemere.

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Nina tells Michael and Willow they left her no choice but to go the legal route, and will prove her love for Wiley. Nina wants them to reach a compromise for Wiley's sake but Willow says she's sticking with Michael.

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Brendan spots Nina talking to Michael and Willow and has the bartender take a photo of him with them in the background. He sends it to Harmony.

Alexis is surprised to find Harmony hanging out on the docks. Harmony gets upset when she sees the text from Brendan and takes off, which confuses Alexis. Harmony gets to the hotel in time to see Brendan chatting it up with Nina, Michael, and Willow. Harmony sends him a text that she agrees to his terms.

Alexis heads to Wyndemere. Nikolas explains that Esme is a guest indefinitely. Esme blows smoke up Alexis' backside about taking over The Invader before running out after Spencer. Spencer tells Esme he's heading to the gallery to tell Ava he'll do restitution without working with Trina.

Alexis demands to know why Esme is at Wyndemere and Nikolas mentions the threat from Sonny. Nikolas believes in Esme's innocence, which Alexis can't understand. Alexis reminds Nikolas that his father was always trying to control him and Nikolas is doing the same thing, while Esme eavesdrops Nikolas swears he's not behaving like his father and is doing things differently with Spencer. Alexis agrees that he's not as cruel as his father, but the harder he pushes the more he'll alienate Spencer, and end up alone.

Carly runs into Michael, Willow, and Nina, who tell her she started court proceedings so she can see Wiley as much as Carly does. Carly is confident they will win, but Nina says a judge will sympathize with her. Michael warns her the judge will know the real Nina.

Harmony meets with Brendan and warns him to leave everyone alone. Brendan wants the money and Harmony promises he'll get what he deserves.

Sam heads to the station to pick up Dante and learns there's new evidence on Trina's case.

Spencer runs into Trina at the gallery.

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