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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Taylor’s Life Hangs in The Balance

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for April 12, 2022
Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful

Krista Allen

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Fretting and Hoping and Praying: Bridget leaves Thomas to encourage Steffy to pull through. He takes a seat and wonders if she can hear him (which made me break into, “Steffy can you hear me?”).

Thomas assumes she can hear him and asks her to please wake up and fight. He goes on to say that it’s just been the two of them since Phoebe left. He tears up and reminds Steffy about all the people who need her to be okay. Thomas breaks into tears as he wonders if Steffy knows that Finn is gone. He promises to find the person who did this and make them pay.

Ridge gets feisty with a nurse because he’s freaking out and needs to see Bridget. Liam says Steffy needs to wake up so they can find out what happened. Bridget arrives to tell Ridge she has nothing to tell him. She hugs him and tells them to pray. Thomas exits Steffy’s room and Hope goes in to visit. 

Hope announces her presence and says she can’t believe this situation is happening. She tells Steffy there are so many people praying for her and who love her. Hope doesn’t understand who could have done this. Who could be so cruel? Hope admits things have been tense between them lately. When she wakes up, Hope wants them to get back to getting along. The kids brought them together, and they need to be supportive of each other not at each other’s throats. 

On The Ledge: Sheila is freaking out and tells Taylor that everything is her fault. An uninformed Taylor tells her she shouldn’t blame herself. Sheila isn’t responsible for anything (Oh Taylor…). Sheila says that if she had stayed away…Taylor says her presence had nothing to do with the robbery. Sheila is not to be comforted.

Taylor switches into therapist mode and asks her to step down off the ledge because leaving this world isn’t the answer. Sheila says her son is dead and she wants to be too. Taylor reminds her that Hayes needs his grandmother…their grandson.

A desperate Sheila says she knows how this story has to end. There is nothing left for her but pain, regret, and guilt. Taylor says she will help her with Steffy and moving forward with a relationship with Hayes. She goes on to say that they will work together to find the bastard who did this to their family…those are the words that sends Sheila off the deep end. She starts to jump. When Taylor tries to grab her, she goes over the edge. The episode ends with Sheila holding onto a dangling Taylor! 

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Random Thoughts:

-Thomas told Steffy he would find the person who did this to her and Finn. Take a look in the mirror, Thomas. 

-If Steffy can hear Thomas, reminding her that Finn is dead is probably not what she needs to be processing. 

-That poor nurse who had to endure Ridge growling at her!

-My guess is that when Steffy wakes up, she and Hope will not suddenly morph into soul sisters. 

-The scenes with Sheila and Taylor were great. Kimberlin Brown and Krista Allen are putting in WORK!

-If Sheila saves Taylor, will that be the beginning of some sort of redemption since no one knows that she is responsible for everything?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.