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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ben and Ciara's Cake Reveals Its True Colors

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 12, 2022
Days of Our Lives

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Marlena's office: Ben stops by to invite Marlena to the gender reveal party. He explains that he thought Ciara did and apologizes for being so late. Ben admits he's worried about Clyde bunking with him and Ciara. Marlena offers to help Ben as the due date gets closer. 

John and Marlena's: Belle returns and John realizes she's drunk. John tries to get Belle to open up, and she tells him about Shawn and Jan. John realizes that Belle is more upset about Jan dropping the baby bomb without her knowing about it first. He tells Belle that avoiding Shawn isn't the answer. Belle explains that a baby changes everything and Shawn will never turn his back on his child.

Paulina's: Chanel tells Paulina that Allie broke up with her. Paulina offers to find Allie, but Chanel says she has to fight her own battles. She tells her mother she feels really, really sad and notes that Allie's words were close to Johnny's. Chanel gets upset and Paulina offers her words of encouragement.

Ben and Ciara's: AllDevil shows up with the reveal cake. She's perturbed the cross is in the correct position. Allie tells Ciara she's done with Chanel so she can focus on other projects. Ciara notes the baby has been kicking and moving since Allie arrived. Allie puts her hand on Ciara's belly. She talks to the baby and calms it down.

Brady Pub: Clyde asks Roman and Kayla for a lift to the Horton's. Kayla's not thrilled, but Clyde turns on the "I've changed" charm.

Horton's: Shawn tells Julie and Doug that Belle may not make the party. He explains what happened with Jan. They sympathize with Shawn's plight, but are hopeful Belle will come around. Guest start to arrive and mingle.

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Allie tells the crew she's done with Sweet Bits. Roman asks if Allie's okay and notes she doesn't seem like herself. Marlena apologizes to Doug and Julie again, but Julie points out she saved Doug.

Allie talks to Doug and Julie and tells them she made a special lava cake for the reveal. It's time to cut the cake! Allie hands the couple a blade. When they cut into the cake, it oozes red blood all over the plate. Everyone is properly horrified.

Allie tastes the oozing liquid and tells them that it's cherry. Allie blames Chanel for being distracted while baking the cake. Ben and Ciara ask Allie to reveal the baby's gender. Allie tells them they're having a boy. When alone, AllDevil says she's always wanted a boy.

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Random Thoughts:

-Did Ciara grow bigger overnight?

-Doug using the word preggers. LMAO!

-Not Jan as Wile E. Coyote!

-You win if you predicted blood red over pink or blue.

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