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Daytime Confidential Podcast #1041: What is this, Archer?



On episode 1041 of Daytime Confidential, Luke Kerr, Mike Jubinville, Jillian Bowe and Joshua Baldwin dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines, including:

As the World Turns star Kathryn Hays passes away

The fallout from Sheila's actions continue on The Bold and the Beautiful. Everyone can see where Liam's storylines is headed. 

Jan's baby is Shawn's on Days of Our Lives and Belle is NOT happy. One DC host thinks she's faking, even after the test comes back. Anna stabs Sara. Chanel needs to turn her back on any Brady, Horton or DiMera love interests. 

Ava is a ride-or-die friend on General Hospital. Will Nikolas and Esme sleep together? Elizabeth is being haunted. Valentin is back. 

Victoria reveals her master plan against Ashland and it basically comes down to "frame" Adam on The Young and the Restless. Diane has revived Y&R in a way we didn't expect. Where will the Diane vs. Phyllis rivalry go next? 

All this and more on the latest Daytime Confidential podcast!

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Michael Morbius, Morbius
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All this and much more on the latest Geek Confidential podcast!  

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