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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Tries to Make Inroads With Trina But is Shot Down on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 13, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer says he's there to see Ava, but Trina wants him to leave. Spencer asks how she is and the two get into an argument. Spencer says he's worried about her, but she questions how he can stay with Esme despite what she's done.

Spencer reminds her that she was drunk at the cabin, but Trina insists she didn't use a burner phone to tape Josslyn and Cameron's intimate moment. Trina also points out that she was with Spencer at the cemetery when the video was uploaded. Trina says she lied to protect him and Spencer worries that she told her lawyer that he's her alibi.
Trina says she's not going to prison and will bring up her alibi with Scotty if needed. Spencer admits he doesn't believe Trina is capable, but refuses to think it was Esme. Trina pushes and wonders how far he'll go to defend Esme.

Spencer swears he's doing this for her. Spencer says he knows Esme set her up and is pretending to stand by her until he can get evidence. (Ha, ha, I guessed correctly, I get today's cookie!!) He says he insisted Esme move into Wyndemere so he can keep an eye on her. Trina asks why he's helping her and Spencer admits he's falling in love with her. He reaches in to kiss her, but it turns out this whole paragraph was just a thought on Spencer's part.

Spencer says Trina can't blame Esme for everything that goes wrong in her life. Trina gets angry and kicks him out. (I guess I have to give the cookie back or keep half since my theory was right, but not out in the open yet.)

Sonny offers Brando and Sasha congratulations on their new marriage. He introduces them to Phyllis. She offers them her condolences which shakes up Sasha. Sasha and Brando discuss buying a house now that Deception has gone public and she's rolling in the money. Sasha worries that she pushed too hard for their marriage. Brando reassures her that he married her because he loves her.

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Cameron and Josslyn rehash the rehash, and how they need to find evidence on Esme to clear Trina. Josslyn mentions deleting all of her social media. The two start to make out until Josslyn is freaked out by a noise. Cameron wonders if the kiss spooked her, but Josslyn swears she feels safe around him. She wants to be close that way again. Cameron gets a call from the day camp to let him know they aren't allowing him to work there this summer because of the tape.

Liesl is thrilled to have dinner with Nina and Britt. Ava interrupts to speak with Scotty and tells him she doesn't want Spencer doing his restitution at the gallery where he can hurt Trina.

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Ava interrupts Dante and Sam's conversation, and tells Dante that Trina isn't the guilty party. She tells him to look into Esme, but Dante says he's following the evidence. Dante and Sam discuss the case and he swears he'll make sure the right person is punished.

Liesl tells Dante to arrest Sonny for bothering Scotty, but Dante says Scotty's a big boy. Scotty says Dante needs to corral his father now that he's divorced. While he's talking to them, Sam notices that Dante getting a text about Trina's evidence report. She manages to break into his phone and Dante catches her.

Nikolas reassures Esme that he wants her to stay and she says she's hopeful that she can help Nikolas and Spencer get back together. Esme talks about losing her birth parents and then her adoptive parents. Esme says she knows that Nikolas grew up without Laura and lays it on thick how they had similar childhoods.

Ava gets home to find Nikolas waiting for her. She says she's not letting Esme run her out of her home. Nikolas tells her about Esme's tales of woe and how he pretended to believe all of it. Nikolas tries to snuggle up, but Ava's determined not to let him in her bed while Esme remains in the house. Nikolas brings up the vow renewal ceremony and Ava says there won't be one.

Esme goes through some old letters from her nanny telling her that it's unwise for her to move to Port Charles, "with her father so close by." (Are they telling us that Ryan is in fact her father, because ewwww.)

Sonny asks Phyllis to take Charlie's off his hands. Phyllis isn't sure she can afford it, but Sonny offers it to her for one hundred dollars. He says he wants to repay her for taking him in. Nina arrives and thinks it's a wonderful idea and wants Phyllis to accept Sonny's offer. Phyllis agrees to accept it.

Masked armed robbers storm into Charlie's. (And that's why they had to pre-empt the show yesterday).

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