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The Real's Garcelle Beauvais Dishes Candid Memoir, Kissing Jamie Foxx and Keeping Cool on Real Housewives

Garcelle Beauvais

The Real co-host Garcelle Beauvais is sharing her story. Not only is she returning to Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the upcoming Season 12, but she also just released a memoir, Love Me as I Am. The actress opened up about her personal journey and sharing her life on screen to Shondaland.

Beauvais dispelled the myth in her memoir that if you're on TV, you're always booked and busy. She explained:

People always think if you’re on TV, you’re a millionaire, and all your friends and family come out of the woodwork. Most of the time, you’re just covering the basics — rent and food. But it looks so glamorous! So many times, we get 'no' before we get to a 'yes.' It’s amazing at my age; I have momentum. But as an artist, you want momentum. You get a job, then there’s downtime for a year. It’s seizing the moment.

She opened up about sharing a kiss with co-star Jamie Foxx, saying:

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We did! We kissed onstage and then ran backstage and were both overcome by emotion or lust, whatever you want to call it. We have such a good relationship now, I’m so happy nothing happened back then. Because if it did, we wouldn’t have maintained our friendship.

Beauvais also became the first Black cast member on RHoBH. How does she stay calm and collected when things get heated on Housewives? The Haitian-American star dished:

Listen: It’s tough. There are times where I’m crying on the way home thinking 'I can’t do it.' But I got through it. It has given me a tougher skin, honestly. The job is glamorous and fun at times, but the drama builds character. What I brought to the show is my authenticity and ability to have conversations that they weren’t having before. I know these shows are not about heavy stuff, but if you have a diverse cast, you’re going to have diverse conversations. That’s what I’m happy for what we’ve been able to do.

And we can expect to see more from her behind the chamera,