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The Young and the Restless Recap: Ashland Expresses Doubts About Framing Adam

The Young and the Restless Recap for April 12, 2022
Ashland Locke, The Young and the Restless

Robert Newman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Newman-Locke: Victoria asks Ashland what their next move should be. Ashland says he's having second thoughts about going to Tuscany. He admits he needs time to regroup and refocus. Victoria wonders if he has something else to tell her, but assures him she's by his side all the way.

Ashland tells Victoria he didn't find anything on Adam's computer. Victoria says Adam's too smart for that and they will dig deeper. Ashland says that's not him anymore and doesn't want to plant evidence just to make a point. Ashland worries that crossing a line into crime will endanger them and ruin their relationship. Victoria only cares about saving his reputation...walking away isn't an option.

Newman Media: Victor asks Adam if something new happened. Adam says Ashland didn't plant anything incriminating on his computer. Adam expresses his concerns about Victoria's plan because he will come out looking bad, but Victor says he will come out unscathed. Adam thinks Ashland could see through their plan, but as a master chess player, Victor isn't concerned.

Sally comes by after Victor leaves. Adam's really feeling his sad self and complains that he will be relegated back to Newman Media after Ashland's caught. Sally wishes she could have been there with Victor to support him. She rallies to his cause and encourages him.

Crimson Lights: Sharon's concerned about the wedding plans coming together by mid-May. Nick agrees to help, but says he's worried about Victoria and Ashland. Sharon now has something else to worry about after Nick's story. Ashland comes in and Nick takes off. 

Sharon tells Ashland she doesn't appreciate hearing that someone faked cancer. He says it's not true and offers sympathy for what she went through. Enter Sally and Adam. The duo watch Sharon and Ashland spar with interest. Sharon wants to give Ashland the benefit of the doubt, but just can't.

Adam approaches Ashland. Ashland gets snarky about his play CEO job, but Adam wants to make a deal. He offers $500 million to Ashland if he will walk away from everything, including Victoria, today.

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Return to Newman-Locke: Nikki comes by after Ashland leaves. Victoria believes Ashland's trying to protect her by not setting up Adam. Nikki is very concerned about Victoria's belief that Ashland is more sincere than ever. Nikki wonders if Ashland is testing her.

Nick comes in and agrees with Ashland about getting Victoria in too deep. comes Victor...who hears Nikki ask if Victoria's still in love with her husband.

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Random Thoughts:

-There must be a spring chill in Wisconsin because Victoria has to wear another sleeve.

-Sally comes to work like she's going clubbing.

-Is Ashland smarter than all the Newmans put together?

-Adam is so shortsighted. He can't see the big picture. He could parlay this into what he wants and I love that Sally can see it.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.