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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gabi Gets The Goods on Ava's Scheme to Frame Rafe

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 14, 2022
Gabi Hernandez, Days of Our Lives

Camila Banus

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Brady Pub: Rafe runs into Ava outside the pub. She gets snarky with him and he tells her to enjoy her freedom while it lasts. 

Nancy agrees to join Craig and the two talk about their first date. Craig tells her their love was real, but Nancy still wants it to last forever. They talk about Leo and his upcoming marriage. Nancy tries to be happy for him and Craig hopes she'll consider going to their wedding. She says she'll think about it, but doesn't look too happy. Craig leaves and Nancy tearfully removes her ring.

Horton Square: Leo and Gwen get drinks and catch up. They talk about their young clubbing days and current engagements. Leo listens to her tale of woe and poverty and says he has a solution.

Craig tells Leo that Nancy signed the papers. Leo has a proposition...a double wedding. Craig's onboard.

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Salem Inn: Xander calls Jack to tell him he's ready to marry Gwen and fills him in on what's happening with Sarah. Xander tells him how understanding Gwen was when he was dealing with Sarah. Jack wonders if Xander's marrying Gwen for the right reasons. Xander says Gwen's not a consolation prize (or is she?). He asks Jack to stand up for him and he agrees.

Gwen returns and tells Xander about her friend Matthew's plans. He's hesitant because doesn't even know who her friend is...yet.

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Gabi: Gabi pretends to be an ADA when she shows up on Hutchins' doorstep. She tells him she's there to get information on Ava and can help make him a deal. He claims he's never heard of Ava. Gabi tells him that Melinda was really going for the big fish, Ava. Hutchins declines her offer to help, but hands her a recorder.

After she leaves, Gabi listens to the recording of Ava spilling the tea on her plan to frame Rafe.

Bistro: Nicole tells Jake to be wary of living with Ava and says she framed Rafe for a crime he didn't commit. Jake sides with Ava since there's no proof. Nicole says cheating isn't the same as going to prison. Jake's heard enough and decides it's time to leave.

Rafe and Nicole meet up for a drink. They talk about their respective conversations with Ava and Jake.

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