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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victoria Confronts Ashland With All The Accusations Against Him

The Young and the Restless Recap for April 14, 2022
Victoria Newman, The Young and the Restless

Amelia Heinle

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Newman-Locke: Victor plays along with Adam's deal. Ashland's considering it to spare Victoria more pain. Nikki tells him the easiest thing would be to admit his lies and go. Ashland tells Victor he will meet up with Adam at The Grand Phoenix. Victoria's not sure what happened and Victor explains. Victoria's stunned by the amount of money Adam offered and says she can follow through with her plan.

Newman Media: Adam and Sally are anxiously waiting for Ashland's answer about skipping town. Adam admits he made the offer on impulse, and without the family's knowledge or approval. Sally and Adam start making out when Victor walks in and SITS IN ADAM'S CHAIR!

Victor scolds Adam for making the deal and wonders where the money will come from. Adam says it should come from Victoria since it's her mess to clean up. Victor's not pleased. Victor and Adam argue about the plan being a potential failure from the start.

Sally tries to calm the situation and asks if Ashland took the bait. Victor blows up and says Adam had no right to make a different plan behind his back, but Adam doesn't back down. He and Sally head for hotel to meet Ashland.

Crimson Lights: Nick and Sharon gossip about Adam and Ashland. They're not sure what happened either. Enter Nikki, exit Sharon. Nick and Nikki gossip about Adam, Ashland, and Victoria. Exit Nikki, enter Sharon. More gossip ensues.

The Grand Phoenix: Victoria approaches a very tense and pensive Ashland. Ashland says Adam's close to getting everything he wants. They need to talk privately, so they get a room. Ashland admits he feels discouraged, but Victoria wants him to fight back. Ashland declines because it's wrong to pile lies on top of more lies.

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Victoria asks him if it's always been lies, from the beginning. She lays out all of the accusations against him and says she's owed the truth. Ashland admits she's right...he's a fighter, but she didn't consider he changed what he's fighting for.

Victoria says her anger outweighs any affection. Ashland claims if the situation was reversed, the one clear thing that comes through and can't be faked is their love for each other. He says he would forgive her and start over. Victoria shows signs of wavering as a result of Ashland's relentless eye contact.

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Random Thoughts:

-Nikki was channeling Top Chef's Padma..."Please pack your knives and go."

-That was some high drama at Crimson Lights today.

-Love watching Sally sop up all the Newman drama with a biscuit.

-Good scenes in the hotel room. Ashland's quite the charmer, isn't he?

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