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Perkie's Observations: Cameron's Done With Spencer's Games on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 14, 2022
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Cameron Webber, General Hospital

William Lipton

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny tries to talk down the robbers as Brando and Sasha spot what's happening from outside. Brando rushes in and takes on one of the men, while Sonny takes on the other. The police arrest the robbers and Sasha makes Brando promise not to do something like that again. Sasha needs a little somethin' somethin' and takes it. Sasha worries that she could have lost Brando.

Dante catches Sam in his phone and she admits she was sending the evidence file to her email. Dante gets angry with her. Carly interrupts to blame herself as Drew arrives and drags her away. Sam and Dante argue over the file and how he's concerned about trusting her. He says there are things she's not allowed to see.

Spinelli finds Sam upset and she tells him how she ruined her relationship with Dante. Spinelli reassures her they'll get through it, though Sam worries Dante won't give her a second chance. Spinelli tells her to let Dante know he comes first.

Carly talks to Drew about Josslyn and the sex tape. She says she's happy with the article Alexis wrote. Carly tells Drew she believes Esme is behind it and Trina couldn't have done it. Carly says she wants to be the one to take Esme down, which Drew understands because of Peter. The two talk about the divorce and how Carly will put herself first. Drew sings her praises and the two get flirty with each other

Josslyn joins Trina at the gallery and Trina updates her on the argument with Spencer. Trina admits she cares about Spencer and it hurts. Josslyn says she's done being friends with Spencer because her loyalty is with Trina. The two head to Kelly's. Josslyn spots Rory checking them out and calls him out. Trina stops her and introduces Josslyn to Rory.

Spencer shows up at Cameron's looking for a friend, but he's not in a friendly mood. Spencer admits he let Trina down, but Cameron doesn't want to hear it. Cameron complains about his problems and how a crime was committed against him. Cameron says Spencer is not his friend and wants nothing to do with him.

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Cameron says Spencer treated Trina like garbage and Spencer yells at him how he knows Esme framed Trina and he has to save her. Spencer says he's trying to get Esme to lower her guard so he can find out information. Spencer admits he has feelings for Trina.

Cameron tells Spencer he has to tell Trina he believes her, but Spencer's excuse is that it might get back to Esme. He says they need to find fool-proof evidence against Esme. Spencer says neither Trina nor Josslyn can know the truth and asks Cameron to swear not to say anything. Cameron says Spencer is in over his head. Spencer asks Cameron to trust him, so he agrees not to say anything to Josslyn. He says it's the last time he's sticking his neck out for Spencer.

Spinelli and Austin get into an argument at the gym that Maxie is forced to break up. Maxie tells Spinelli she's interested in Austin and asks Spinelli to back off.

Chase and Brook Lynn make small talk. Chase apologizes again for not singing the song with her. Brook Lynn brushes it off before huffing out. Austin questions Chase, who says he thinks Brook Lynn is done with him. Maxie wonders if Brook Lynn is more upset with Chase for not singing the song or for not running when she called.

Dante heads to Charlie's to get a statement from Nina and Sonny. Dante wonders if the robbers knew they were hitting one of Sonny's places because that would be a bold move.

When alone, Sonny asks Brando his thoughts. Brando says he's heard rumors that Sonny's base of power isn't what it used to be with two families and Jason gone. Up and comers are sensing an opening. Sonny admits his operation is stretched thin and vulnerable, and everyone will think it's open season. Sonny say he'll remind everyone that he's the boss. 

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