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Greg Vaughan Previews Salem Drama to Come Ahead of Days of Our Lives Return

Greg Vaughan

Greg Vaughan is slated to reprise his role on Days of Our Lives as Eric Brady very soon. He spoke to TV Insider about what fans can expect from his latest visit to Salem.

Is Eric a priest once again when he returns? Vaughan explained:

Well, it seems to be a part one, two, and three of this rollercoaster of a ride that Salem has been going through. Satan in Salem is running through and controlling and possessing bodies left and right, so none other than the former, the priest, if you will... When he went back but not as a priest, he went back for more missionary, to help more awareness back to Africa. So when I went off canvas, and coming back, they said that he's been working at the ministry a little more so... But because of his connections and previous being a father, a priest, if you will, that it seems most fitting that they need the help that they need, so it obviously gets Eric back into Salem and a family affair has steamrolled down the mountain and into this moment.

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Where do Eric and his ex-wife Nicole (Arianne Zucker) stand? The actor explained:

Well, you know, there's no way of avoiding anybody in Salem. It's a very intricate group of people. But the thing is, he left knowing what he had done. He caused a storm, ruffled some feathers, so I think he's much very aware that he wants to stay a little bit removed, giving her the space that she needs, and sometimes it’s the betterment of someone else’s happiness before your own

Vaughan teased:

In, like, all good soap opera dramas, it's going to take some time for the drama to unfold but it will evolve, cross paths, and eruption and some good... maybe some bar fights, some cake fights. You know how my lovely dearest Sami [Alison Sweeney] has so appreciation of Nicole.