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WATCH: The Talk's Jerry O'Connell to Wil Wheaton: "I’m Sorry I Wasn’t There For You More" (VIDEO)

Recently, author and writer Wil Wheaton has openly discussed the abuse he suffered as a child. When happeared on The Talk April 14 to discuss his new autobiography Still Just a Geek: An Annotated Memoir, co-host Jerry O’Connell apologized "for not being there more" for Wheaton when starring in the 1986 film.

O'Connell said:

I heard before you talk about some of the struggles you were going through during Stand by Me, and you know, while I was 11 at the time, that’s an excuse, I do want to apologize for not being there more for you when you were younger.

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But I want to say, to the bigger picture, you never know what someone is going through when you’re with them. I don’t feel guilt, but I just want to say I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you more.

Wheaton replied:

I deeply appreciate that. You were 11. I'm not saying that as a joke. I'm not doing a bit; I'm not doing a bit at all. You were 11; how could you possibly have known?

Peep the apology below.