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Perkie's Observations: Liz Gets a New Housemate When Chase Moves In on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 15, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura comes across Aiden looking up Ouija boards and how to use them. She wonders why he's interested. Aiden remembers telling Jake that Franco could be haunting them, but doesn't tell Laura.

Lucy runs into them and Laura congratulates her on the success of Deception. Lucy mentions Martin and tries to backtrack, but Laura says she knows Lucy is dating her brother. (Is she now? So much fun happens in offscreen-land.) Lucy admits she's fond of Martin and Laura assures her that Martin seems happy.

Alone, Aiden asks Lucy if she believes in spirits. Lucy says she believes in different realms, but there are a lot of evil forces out there.

Liz tells Finn she can't feel at peace until they find out who's doing these things to her. Finn wants to stay with her, but Liz thinks it might make things worse. Finn thinks it might be a good idea to have Chase move in just as he arrives with bags in hand.

Finn wants Chase to stay for a few days, but Liz reminds him the PCPD had a patrol car around the house. Chase says he can find out who's been scaring her and put a stop to it. Liz thinks whoever it is isn't dangerous, but wants her to remember Franco. Liz thinks it's someone close to her who knows intimate things about her marriage.

Liz says she's so frazzled about all of this that she's been taking something to help her sleep. (This is the third time she's mentioned a sleep aid. I'm betting today's cookie the meds are messing with her head.) Chase says he wants to catch the suspect on camera. Liz says it feels invasive, but eventually agrees. Chase promises no one will be getting in undetected.

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Carly shows up at Charlie's to make sure everyone is okay. She asks Sonny if there's a problem with his enemies because she needs a heads up. Carly says not retaliating against Nina has sent the message to his enemies that he's weak.

Sonny says there's a vacuum and Brick is taking over for Jason, but Carly doesn't want any details. She wants him to promise that Donna and Avery will be protected. Carly mentions Nina's legal action and Sonny says he's not taking sides.

Carly and Phyllis talk about Nina and the hearing. Phyllis admits she advocated for Nina to Harmony and tells Carly she used to work with Harmony in New York.

Michael and Willow meet with Grant Smoltz for the story on Nina. Michael wants the first part of the series to be posted before the visitation hearing. Grant tells them he needs to speak to Nina for her side of the story.

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Brendon wants to meet Harmony with the money before he leaves town. Harmony has a syringe of deadly juice in her purse (as one does). Willow spots Harmony leaving and stops her to tell her that there will be media attention now that Nina is fighting legally.

Willow says things from their past might be dredged up and apologizes to Harmony for anything that might come up. Willow believes harmony has owned her mistakes and is a better person now.

Alexis summons Nina to ask about Harmony. Nina says she's only spoken to Harmony about going to bat with Willow. Alexis says Harmony feels like she owes Nina and questions what that is. Nina denies having anything on Harmony and is in the dark.

Grant interrupts to talk to Alexis about the feature and is thrilled to see Nina there. He tells her he's doing a feature on how she's messing with the Corinthi and wants a comment.

Nina wants nothing to do with the article and refuses to give a statement before storming off. Grant tells Alexis that he's writing a legitimate story, but Alexis says she has no intention of printing the piece.

Grant says it would bring exposure to the Invader website. Grant believes Nina kidnapped Sonny (seriously show) and traumatized the family, including Wiley. He thinks this is the kind of story Alexis would jump at the chance to publish. Alexis admits she's interested and allows him to write the story.

Nina seeks out Michael and Willow, accusing her of getting down and dirty. Willow doesn't want to hear what Nina has to say, but Nina says she knows they're trying to sway the judge. Willow says she won't let Nina play the victim anymore. Nina promises to give them a battle.

Brendon meets with Harmony who gives him a thousand dollars and promises installments. Brendon says he knows she has no money and was supposed to get it from Alexis. Harmony warns him not to be stupid and tell anyone the truth because right now she's in his debt. She says the minute he tells Nina or Willow, there won't be anyone to pump for money.

Brendon says he could go to Michael, who would want to keep the information quiet. Harmony says Michael would have him arrested for blackmail. Brendon tells her to keep the money and throws it at her, then pushes her. Harmony falls and the syringe falls out of her purse.

Brendon demands to know about the syringe and realizes that Harmony killed Neil. The two fight and Harmony pushes Brendon off the cliff. 

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