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Perkie's Observations: Portia Accuses Jordan of Using Trina For Her Revenge on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 19, 2022
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Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Brook Kerr

On today's General Hospital recap: Michael tells Drew that Nina's taking them to court. Michael asks what Drew's future plans are and Drew admits things aren't in place yet. Michael asks whether Drew is planning on getting his ELQ shares back from Valentin.

TJ tells Marshall that he's worried about Stella and wonders what they were talking about before she collapsed. Marshall claims there was nothing between them.

Marshall interrupts Michael to ask Drew about the job at Aurora, but Drew says when Marshall turned it down, Drew offered it to someone else. Marshall accuses Drew of lying about the job in the first place. TJ listens in as Marshall accuses Drew of setting up a fake interview to get background information on him for Curtis.

Portia wants to know if Jordan is making things personal as Curtis arrives and breaks things up. Jordan says her previous relationship with Curtis has no impact on Trina's case, but Portia disagrees. Jordan swears her feelings for Curtis have no bearing and is doing everything she can to help Trina.

Portia apologizes to Curtis for losing it and going off on Jordan. Curtis swears Jordan won't let her feelings come before the case. Curtis says Jordan is looking deeper into events. Drew calls Curtis to give him a heads up that Marshall knows the truth about the job at Aurora.

Harmony tells Willow that she won't be speaking on Nina's behalf at the hearing. Willow lays it on thick that Harmony has changed her ways and that she's proud of her mother. Willow tells Harmony that she wants her in Wiley's life.

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Valentin apologizes to Anna for staying away so long and congratulates her for stopping Peter once and for all. Anna admits it was her call and she let Peter die. Valentin says there was no redeeming Peter, so things worked out for the best. He swears he would have done the same, but wishes he could have been there with her. Anna asks about Victor, but Valentin claims he hasn't seen him in awhile. Valentin leaves, but then returns to give Anna a hot kiss goodbye.

Josslyn and Trina head to Kelly's where they run into Spencer and Cameron. Josslyn proceeds to give Spencer a hard time. Britt stands by watching as the two argue and when things get heated, she drags Spencer out.

Britt hauls Spencer to the Metro Court and questions what happened. Spencer says the others believe that Esme is responsible for the sex tape and he's still with her. Britt asks if Spencer believes Trina's guilty, but he swears both Trina and Esme deny it. Spencer wonders if there is hope for him and his friends.

Cameron sticks up for Spencer, but Josslyn is not willing to listen. She wonders who's side Cameron is on and doesn't want him to give Spencer his job back. Cameron is less than happy with her orders and the two argue. Cameron lets it slip that Josslyn would feel differently about Spencer if she knew the truth.

Alexis spots the body in the water and calls the police. Rory questions her until Jordan shows up, and Alexis is shocked when the ID is Brendan's. Alexis explains who Brendan is and how she had a run in with him a few days ago. When Jordan pushes, Alexis invokes her inner lawyer.

Alexis heads to the Metro Court and runs into a drunk Harmony at the bar.

Jordan checks out the body and sees marks around his neck. She tells Rory that it wasn't a suicide, but murder.

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