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Perkie's Observations: Selina's Influence Affects Britt and Curtis' Decisions on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 18, 2022
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Selina Wu, General Hospital

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On today's General Hospital recap: Anna summons Laura and Robert to let them know about the Ice Princess and that Jennifer Smith was arrested for Luke's murder. Anna says there's no evidence pointing the finger at Victor, but Robert doesn't believe it. Laura agrees that rigging the cable car is a Cassadine move. Anna says they can't connect Victor to Luke's death, even though she's certain he's behind it as well as the stolen Ice Princess. Robert brings up Valentin and tells Anna to use their relationship to get information.

Brad questions Britt about her lack of interest in matchmaking, but she's not interested in looking right now. Brad asks about Terry and the job, and Britt admits that Terry is hesitant. Britt remembers her conversation with Selina, who told her to back off Brad or else. Britt tells him not to limit himself and to look elsewhere.

Alexis talks to Finn how it upsets her that Harmony's been in her house before. Finn tells Alexis about his problems with Liz and who's stalking her. Alexis suggests they speak to Kevin.

Curtis runs into Jordan, who tells him that she followed up on Spencer and Esme's statements, but they refused to speak to her without a lawyer.

Curtis meets with Selina, who says she looked into witness protection files, but didn't find anything on Marshall. She believes his father was never in witness protection. Curtis asks about the sealed arrest records, but Selina says she's holding onto those for now. Curtis reminds her they had a deal, but she says he needs to uphold his end. Selina wants him to get the club ready.

Liz and Portia argue about a patient's notes until Liz pushes, and Portia admits she's been so preoccupied with Trina that she's forgetting things. Liz mentions her own problems with the stalker.

Alexis finds Valentin waiting for her in her office. The two share a hug and some chitchat. (Seriously, Nancy and James work so well together and are just so darn cute.) Valentin tells her that having a media company in the family could be useful.
Valentin says he agrees with Victor's rah rah family chant, but Alexis doesn't believe it and says she won't let the Cassadines get their hands on the paper.

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Liz updates Finn there were no fingerprints on the defaced painting and Dante couldn't figure out the paint. Liz mentions (again) about taking the sleeping pill and how she can't remember what the person looked like. Finn suggests she see Kevin to help recover her memory, and clarify what or who she saw. Liz is uncertain, but promises to consider it.

Jordan runs into Portia and gets angry with her for arresting Trina in the first place. Jordan says she had no choice and she has to play everything by the book. Portia accuses Jordan of making things personal.

Harmony breaks into Brendan's suite at the Metro Court and steals the file he had on her. She heads down to the bar where she runs into Willow. Willow complains about not feeling well and thinks it's stress from Nina. Willow says she appreciates the effort Harmony has made to fix things between them the past few months. Harmony is thankful that Willow has forgiven her.

Harmony cryptically speaks that trouble continues to follow her and Willow asks if it has to do with Brendan. Willow asks if she needs help, but Harmony swears that everything is fine. Harmony promises that anything she's done, she's done for Willow. Willow questions what her mother had done.

Selina interrupts Brad and Britt, and tells him she has found a job for him.

Valentin shows up at Anna's house.

Alexis finds a body in the harbor.

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