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General Hospital's Wally Kurth Sheds Light on Ned's Decision to Officially Adopt Leo

Ned Quartermaine, Leo Falconeri, Olivia Falconeri, General Hospital

Now that his marriage to Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) is back on track on General Hospital, Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) has finally made moves to adopt her son, Leo (Easton Rocket Sweda). Kurth opened up to TV Insider about Ned's decision.

Kurth shared:

Soaps are about families. Ned’s the male figure in Leo’s life. It was natural for Ned to assume that role. Ned has always loved being a dad. Ned wasn’t the primary parent who raised Brook Lynn [played by Amanda Setton] during her early years. Now, with Julian [William deVry] — Leo’s birth father — being dead, it’s up to Ned to step up and be that father who Leo needs.

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Olivia Falconeri, Leo Falconeri, Ned Quartermaine, General Hospital

Leo was diagnosed with autism last year; this storyline has purposefully been aligned with Autism Awareness Month. Ned helped Olivia come to terms with her son's diagnosis and even managed to find the boy when he briefly went missing. Kurth said:

I think it’s not uncommon to have one parent be at a different place when they have a child who’s different — in this case, on the autism spectrum. There was a hesitation to realize this child will have different needs. Olivia became aware of Leo’s situation a little later than Ned did.

I think, maybe, perhaps because Ned wasn’t the biological parent, he wasn’t as invested in that 'dream' of a typical child. This instance in which Leo eloped — by the way, I can relate to that situation [as] my son Brogan was an “eloper' — Olivia realized that something really could have happened after Leo [went missing]. She realized he needs help and she was willing to seek that help.