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Perkie's Observations: Spencer and Cameron Are Arrested For Assault on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 20, 2022
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Drunk Harmony tempts Alexis, who's already feeling frazzled by finding Brendan's body, with a drink. Alexis is concerned and offers to take her home. She tells Carly that Harmony was over-served. Carly offers to have Harmony stay at the hotel or call Willow, but Harmony's not having it. Sam shows up as Alexis manages to convince Harmony to go home with her.

Carly apologizes to Sam about asking her to get information from Dante, but asks if there was anything that could help Trina. Sam says she didn't have time to read the file, but there's new evidence on Trina. Carly worries the ADA will go hard on Trina and send her to jail.

Alexis takes Harmony home, where she has a flashback to the night she killed Neil. Harmony says she's terrified of herself and mutters things that Alexis can't understand. Alexis tells Harmony that she found Brendan dead in the harbor. She says Jordan believes it was suicide .

Carly and Sam arrive, and Harmony almost passes out in Carly's arms. Carly says Wiley's family needs to stick together. Carly says Willow is her family and is confused when Harmony responds that she wishes Willow was hers.

Josslyn continues to argue with Cameron. Spencer returns and stops him from saying anything else, but Cameron insists. Spencer looks like he's about to tell the girls the truth, but Rory's arrival changes things. Spencer claims he doesn't believe Trina's story and claims they set up the tape to frame Esme. Cameron punches Spencer in the face and Rory places him under arrest. Spencer gets angry and hits Rory, getting himself arrested as well. Trina goes to bat for both guys, but Rory says he has to follow procedure.

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Nikolas, stupidly tells Esme that Ava called off the vow renewal and Esme blames herself. Nikolas claims Ava doesn't trust him and Esme points out that Ava doesn't believe she's innocent. Nikolas mentions Jordan's visit and how she was asking questions about Esme. Nikolas says he sent Jordan away, so Esme takes his hand and puts it to her face as she thanks him. Nikolas says he's not naive and knows what she's capable of. He said he understands the dark side. Esme says she's willing to go back to Kelly's, but Nikolas doesn't want her back in Sonny's way. (Does the show not understand that Sonny can climb onto the launch and head over to Wyndemere at any time and take out Miss Thang whenever he wants? It's not like the place is a fortress.) Esme claims to be concerned about the vow renewal and promises to fix things. Nikolas insists she stay.

Nina tells Ava she's started legal action against Michael and Willow, but Ava asks which side Sonny will be on. Ava tells Nina about going to Sonny about Esme and how Nikolas came to her rescue.

Laura seeks out Sonny to question him about the robbery at Charlie's, but he downplays it. Sonny says no one will be messing with him. Laura tells him about Jennifer's arrest and how the WSB has her in custody. Laura says the Ice Princess brings Victor into the equation. She asks Brick to let her know if he finds anything out. Laura asks about Sonny's threat to Esme and warns him that he's suspect number one if something happens to her. Sonny promises not to do anything to Esme.

Nina gets a call from Phyllis who tells her the two robbers are back on the street, who then tells Sonny. Laura makes a call and finds out they made bail. Sonny tells Nina he knew, but she shouldn't ask questions

Laura talks to Ava about the goings on at Wyndemere and Ava tells her the vow renewal is off the table. Ava says she's angry with Nikolas and his arrogance, and Laura says it's gotten worse since Victor's been back.

Sonny gets a call and heads out. His minion has one of the robbers in his trunk.

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